Gastritis with low acidity.

Gastritis with low acidity.

Gastritis with low acidity.

In this recipe, we’ll show you how to make an herbal infusion to relieve gastritis symptoms.

Why exactly these plants were included in the collection and what is their use for inflammation of the gastric mucosa?

Chamomile. Therapy of a patient with gastritis is impossible without this plant, since it heals the affected mucous membranes of the stomach. First, chamomile is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Secondly, it contains bisabolol: this is a unique substance that restores the gastric mucosa.

Yarrow. This component must be assembled if gastritis is accompanied by spasms. Also, yarrow reduces irritation of the inflamed lining of the stomach and has an antiseptic effect.

Mint. The plant has a detrimental effect on the pathogenic microflora of the intestine — a possible cause of gastritis. Along with this, mint disinfects the gastric mucosa and relieves inflammation. Like yarrow, it is an antispasmodic and analgesic, therefore, eliminates pain in gastritis.

The benefits of mint are also in the fact that it affects the nervous system, calms: this is a valuable property if the patient is nervous because of discomfort and poor health (and through this, by the way, an exacerbation of gastritis can occur).

Sagebrush. The bitterness contained in the plant irritates the stomach receptors, stimulating the herbal glands and the secretion of gastric juice, thereby improving digestion. Wormwood also soothes irritated mucous membranes and reduces inflammation.

Sage. Like wormwood, sage increases the secretion of gastric juice and improves digestion. In addition, the plant has an effective antiseptic effect.

Remember: herbs with medicinal properties are drugs. Therefore, before using the remedy according to this recipe, we advise you to get the permission of a specialist and, if necessary, undergo an examination to determine the level of acidity in the stomach, the degree of exacerbation of the disease, etc. The doctor will advise whether such a collection is suitable for you or will prescribe another combination, excluding or adding which -or components.


Chamomile flowers 1 tsp
Yarrow herb 1 tsp
Peppermint leaves 1 tsp
Wormwood herb 1 tsp
Sage leaves 1 tsp


Combine all the ingredients indicated in the recipe. Mix well.
Take 2 tsp. of the resulting herbal mixture and pour into a heat-resistant container.
Pour 200 ml of boiled water over the raw material.

Place the mixture on a boiling water heater. Keep it on low heat to simmer slowly for 15 minutes.
After that, leave the product to infuse for about an hour.
Strain the infusion.

The use of the product must be divided several times. The optimal amount is 2-3 doses. You need to drink the infusion half an hour before meals.


Reducing inflammation.
Restoration and strengthening of the gastric mucosa.
Elimination of spasms and pain.
Increased secretion of gastric juice and improved digestion.
Improved appetite.
Calming down.

Gastritis with low acidity.

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