Deafness and hearing loss.

Deafness and hearing loss.

Deafness and hearing loss.

Hearing loss and its final stage — deafness — can develop gradually, over a number of years or months, and also come on suddenly, in a few days or hours. One or both ears can be affected.

Hearing loss can be caused by infectious diseases, otitis media, congenital defects of nerves and blood vessels, ear plugging with cerumen, neuritis of the auditory nerve, inflammation of the Eustachian tube, rheumatoid arthritis, Meniere’s disease, labyrinthitis, the action of certain medications.

Hearing loss also occurs with age — senile hearing loss.

Treatment of deafness and hearing disorders with folk remedies.

Folk remedy, garlic treatment: Grind 1 clove of garlic into gruel and mix with 2-3 drops of camphor oil. Put the mixture in gauze and insert into the sore ear. Keep until burning sensation, and then remove. The procedure is repeated daily at bedtime until complete recovery. With hearing impairment, neuritis of the auditory nerve;

Treatment of deafness with propolis, folk remedy: Mix 10% alcoholic extract of propolis with any vegetable oil in a 1: 2 ratio and shake well. Then roll up the gauze flagellum, soak it with an oil-alcohol emulsion, insert it into the ear canal and leave for 24 hours. The remedy helps with senile hearing loss, disorder and hearing loss;

Lemon treatment: To improve hearing, you need to eat a quarter of a lemon with peel daily;

Treatment with almond oil: In case of hearing loss due to a cold, you can be treated with almond oil according to the following scheme: on the 1st day pour 7-8 drops into one ear, on the 2nd — into the other, plugging the ear with a cotton swab;

Alternative treatment of hearing loss with ash juice: Ash juice collected in May, put on fire and hold the ear over the emitted vapors. Rinse the ear with juice every morning and evening;

Sage leaf for deafness and hearing impairment: Pour the sage leaf with water and put on the fire, when the water boils, hold your head over the steam, turning it with one ear or the other. Do not bend low so as not to burn yourself;

Juniper treatment: In a bottle with a capacity of 100 ml, pour half of the juniper fruits and pour vodka to the top. Insist 3 weeks in the dark, shaking occasionally. Instill 3 drops of warm tincture in each ear at night.

Deafness and hearing loss.

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