Causes of gout.

Causes of gout.

Causes of gout.

How to treat gout.

It is no secret that an increased amount of consumption of meat products and sausages especially different results in the development of gout. Yet, not everyone who is interested in meat diet, suffer from this disease. Causes of gout.

Then what is the reason? Gout is primarily associated with hereditary predisposition.

Increasing the content of uric acid in blood plasma, gout develops only in 10-15% of cases. At the same time, clinical manifestations of gout and can occur with normal levels of uric acid in the plasma. Despite its antiquity, this disease has not been studied to the end.

In this case, a violation of purine metabolism, leading to gout. It is caused by excessive consumption of purine bases with food. Also internal factors. This is a low ability of the kidneys and intestines when removing uric acid from the body. Or an increase in the level of education in the process of metabolism.

Causes of gout.

Gout is divided into two types:

1) Primary gout is based on genetic predisposition. Congenital increase in purine production in the body. Or violations of their kidneys.

2) Secondary gout. These two types of violations are acquired as a result of influencing external factors. They lead to metabolic disorders.

The appearance of gout can be associated with other diseases. That leads to excessive formation of uric acid (psoriasis, diabetes, hemolytic anemia and other diseases). Or it violates its normal elimination (kidney disease, acidosis).

The cause of gout are side effects. Or abuse of drugs. They interfere with the operation of the renal tubules. Also reduce the amount of blood flow. These are medicines that are used to reduce pressure and diuretics.

One of the causes of this disease may be other effects of chemicals on the kidneys and on the body: lead poisoning (causes damage to the renal tubules), alcohol abuse, leads to the formation of blood organic acids.

There are also triggers. They create conditions for the development of the disease: Overeating, especially increased consumption of meat and foods rich in purine bases, such as coffee; overweight; excessive alcohol consumption; sedentary lifestyle. Also it contributes to the development of gout nervous exhaustion. Gout is often associated with other diseases that are associated with metabolic disorders: diabetes, kidney disease, obesity.

Causes of gout.

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