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All my life I am tormented with her hair. The skin on my head dry and do your hair dull and brittle. But recently, finally turned to a specialist, I found out that it is often dry hair — the result of improper care.

The first thing I learned is that dry hair do not require frequent washing. But if you use a mild shampoo for damaged hair, you will have no problems.
Note the shampoo composition.

Since dry hair have a gritty, often damaged stratum corneum, cationic polymers and collagen contained in the shampoo may «glue» the damaged areas.

In addition, dry hair can not be washed with hot water too, and usually for their washing enough to put on your hair shampoo only once.

Another point: the longer the hair, the worse off the ends. Consequently, they are split or broken. To avoid severe damage need to be trimmed regularly, but between haircuts they need additional food and care.

Therefore, be sure to use balms and masks for dry hair. The most accessible means — castor oil, apply it on the head at least once in two weeks.

There are things that are counter-dry hair. It all factors degreasing scalp: soap, hard water, alcohol solutions, perm, frequent coloring.
To paint is better to use soft foam tint.
Dry hair is particularly harmful overdose of sun, salt and chlorinated water, sharp temperature drop, the wind, the frequent blow-drying.

If you are still using a hair dryer, dry your hair in the low temperature range and hold the dryer at a distance of 20 cm from the head. When installing, avoid strong fixation means.

At the same time as the wax emollient suitable for stacking. Very useful brush massage, during which fat as a natural emollient is distributed to the tips.
That’s all my advice, with their help, I was able to bring his head back in order. Now I do not have any problems with the hair.



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