If the glands are swollen

If the glands are swollen

Adenitis is the swelling of the glands under the arms, sometimes under the jaw. Here if the glands are swollen and pain appears in them, then it is necessary to carefully lubricate them with iodide or ichthyol ointment and tie it.

In no case can not such glands rub off, will become even worse.
In passing, we must take care of strengthening the body —
Salt baths, fish oil, a more nutritious table.

If the disease does not pass and the abscess on the gland is clearly indicated, it is necessary to call the doctor for his dissection. It’s dangerous to open the abscess yourself, you can cause infection.

And, of course, the folk remedy:
Rub the cloth with a simple gray soap, tie it to the swollen gland, and close it with something warmer from above. During the day, the cloth can not be tied, if you do not go out into the cold, but only tie it with something warm.


If the glands are swollen


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