Exercises for digestion

Exercises for digestion

digestion problems

If you are worn out from constipation, know to cope with this problem can be.
Occurrence of constipation is largely due to a sedentary lifestyle. And this a way of life — the real enemy of our digestion.
Fortunately, I met an interesting woman, by profession — physical therapy instructor. So, she told me that there are exercises that help tone up the intestines and learn to relax the tissue. But it is necessary to perform them every morning. I decided to try, especially since everything else has already been tested.
Every morning I woke up and washed, and then lay back in bed and perform this exercise:

I tighten the legs to the abdomen and covers their hands. I linger in this position and breathe. Then, continuing to lie down, he sipped on foot and on my own. This should be done slowly and calmly. Now it is necessary to lower the legs and breathing quietly, pat the belly clockwise light, surface movements.

The following exercise to do, getting out of bed. Walk around the room, not moving his feet from the knees and on the thighs, buttocks, from the waist. Hands full relax. Each step must include abdominal motion, helping thus intestinal peristalsis.

And the last exercise — torso rotation for stretching and compression of the intestine. Do they have to be right to left: feet shoulder width apart, hands free. Then sit down and relax.

Each exercise I was doing 8-10 times. And the results came very quickly, within a week of the intestine work began to normalize.
These exercises do not take much time, so I have them and are now doing on a daily basis. And I can say one thing — constipation problems for me does not exist. That and all I wish!

Exercises for digestion


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