Zinc for the human body.

Zinc for the human body.

Zinc for the human body.

What is zinc good for the human body.
Today we will talk about why zinc is useful for the human body. This trace element plays an active part in many chemical reactions.

It ranks second in importance after iron. It comes with food, and fully covers the need for it, provided that there are no strict diets and serious diseases.

The balance of zinc in the body is very important. Both deficiency and excess of this element is harmful.

Scientists believe that most often people suffer from its deficiency. An excess of this trace element causes a lot of damage to health.

It causes imbalance in the immune system, and this negatively affects the function of all organs and systems.

The daily norm of zinc for the average person is 5-20 mg. The norm for an athlete is 30 to 35 mg.

It works better in the presence of vitamins and other micronutrients. Especially useful is its combination with vitamin A. It improves the flow of vitamin to all cells of the body.

Useful properties of zinc

The trace element takes an active part in the formation of bones, so it is especially necessary in childhood and adolescence, when the bone system is built.

It is an effective antiseptic that is used to heal wounds. It helps cure acne, and is used for dermatosis.

It slows down skin aging at the cellular level.

It is part of the membranes, and increases resistance to many types of microbes.

It improves mental abilities. It has been noted that there is more of it in the body of successful students than in those who are behind in their studies.

Used in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys.

Strengthens male health.

Takes an active part in spermatogenesis, prevents prostate disease.

On his basis created a lot of medicinal ointments, which accelerate the healing of wounds.

It improves visual acuity, as well as facilitates the absorption of vitamin A, responsible for visual function.

Helps to better tolerate stressful situations.

When following a vegetarian or dairy diet, zinc deficiency may occur.

Nails become brittle, brittle, memory deteriorates, wounds heal slowly. In this case, it is necessary to take supplements.

If the dose of zinc exceeds 150 to 600 mg per day, it becomes poison. Signs such as weakness, nausea, indicate an overdose.

Drinking water from galvanized containers may contribute to this. In this case, harmful compounds are formed, which cause

Foods containing zinc.

If your body doesn’t have enough zinc, it can be supplemented with foods that contain zinc.

These include seafood, strawberries, sprouted wheat, nuts, lean beef, beef liver, pumpkin seeds, cocoa powder, sesame seeds, peanut oil, sunflower seeds, green peas, egg yolks, beans, and green tea.

It is not recommended to cook food in galvanized cookware so as not to cause disease.

Zinc for the human body.

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