With hair loss.

With hair loss.

With hair loss.

Hair care for hair loss.
To get the maximum effect on hair from using mummy, you need to know how to use it. There are several options, the most affordable of which are:

1) Add the mummy solution to the shampoo.

To do this, pre-4 grams of mummy must be dissolved in 20-30 ml of warm broth of nettle or burdock root. Mix all this with 100 g of regular shampoo.

Apply to hair, rubbing it into the skin. Wait 3-5 minutes and wash off everything with warm running water. It is important to use only natural mummy (paste), not packed in capsules or tablets;

2) Mask for hair loss.

It is prepared by mixing 2 yolks of raw chicken eggs, 4 grams of mummy dissolved in 20 ml of water and 1 tablespoon of liquid honey.

After obtaining a homogeneous consistency, the finished mass is applied to the hair along its entire length.

Next, you must first wrap your head with polyethylene (you can use cling film) and wrap it with a terry towel. Shilajit hair mask will enhance the flow of nutrients directly into the scalp.

You need to wait 30-40 minutes and rinse everything off with running water. It is enough to do a similar procedure once every 1-2 weeks to obtain the desired result;

3) Use as a gargle.

To do this, dissolve 10 grams of mummy in 100 ml of warm water and add 400-500 ml of nettle broth.

This liquid is applied for 1-2 minutes after each shampooing (rinsed), washed off with running water.

This is especially true in the summer when the frequency of showering increases.

With hair loss.

Any procedures using natural mummy guarantee quick and high-quality results. In just 2-3 weeks, anyone will be able to notice the appearance of extraordinary shine in their hair.

They become healthier and fall out less. And after a few months, long-term effects become noticeable — the hair becomes lush and thick. Hair will be strong and silky.

Excellent results are known in the fight against gray hair. All thanks to minerals and other nutrients, which are rich in real «mountain wax» — mummy!

With hair loss.

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