When eyelid twitching.

When eyelid twitching.

When eyelid twitching.

The problem — begins to twitch periodically left eyelid. When eyelid twitching. This is, firstly, not very nice, and secondly, it seems that everything just look at his eyes.
Twitching become stronger after fidgety, during conflicts at work or quarrels. Last from several seconds to a minute. Then go and can start in a very relaxed environment.
Doctors say that it is a nervous tic, and its appearance may be associated with stress.

Everything can be much more serious …

It is most likely talking about the so-called psychogenic nervous tick. This is due to increased motor activity (hyperkinesis) circular eye muscles. Sudden muscle contractions occur because of uncontrolled false brain commands. Sometimes they can be overcome with the help of willpower, but it may be anxious expectation of a new attack.

Despite the apparent lack of seriousness of the disease, it exerts a strong pressure on the mental state. personal complexes may occur. Frequent attacks are able to bring to the painful psychological distress and even depression.

Nervous tics are treated, especially if you ask for help in the early stages of the onset of symptoms.

What to do?

If eye twitching does not occur too often and lasts no more than three seconds. You can try to get rid of ticks yourself.

To do this, you need to protect yourself as much as possible from stressful and conflict situations. Set a good rest. Full sleep.

Pay attention to the diet. Try to reduce the amount of saturated fat (meat products, fast foods). Reduce the consumption of confectionery, chocolate. Choose more fruits and vegetables. Try to reduce your computer’s uptime. You can try applying a cold compress at the drop site.

As the drug can also try to assist the so-called calming drops:
valerian tincture, motherwort, good effect gives the combination of these drugs. Reduced rate of reaction of the organism to external stimuli,
facilitates offensive natural sleep.

If the frequency of tics is not reduced, the treatment can go in two directions: neurological and psychological.

Neuropathologist picks medication usually is antipsychotics, sedatives and sedatives, designed to reduce the stress response.
Muscle activity can prevent Botox therapy, the principle of which is to relax muscle activity via injections. Effective is a physiotherapy massage, acupuncture, electropuncture …

Get familiar with them!

Psychogenic ticks — this is the first signal that in your life that is not right. If nothing is changed, it may develop a more serious illness. Treatment,
cited above, may temporarily remove the symptoms but does not cause disease. Tiki can return. To avoid this, you should contact a psychologist or psychotherapist.

It is believed that tics associated with repressed desires. These people are accustomed to for years to restrain their emotions, do not talk about their feelings.

It is important to find out the true cause of the disease and direct the force in the right direction. Experts use different methods.

The behavioral approach to the treatment of tics aimed at changing inappropriate behavior, which caused spasmodic muscle contractions. The psychologist will help you develop the skills of self-struggle with bouts of nervous tic.
Changing patterns of behavior will lead to the disappearance of the problem.

When eyelid twitching


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