What is your age?

What is your age?

What is your age?

There is a good test, with the help of which you can understand how you feel, whether to look your age or older. What is your age? After each exercise allowed a moment to rest, but no more, otherwise lose pace, and everything will go down the drain.

1. Place an open book on the head (thick) and squat for 15 seconds. Try to keep the book from falling. For each squat you get 1 point. The number of point records.

2. Put some object on the floor. Jump over it to the right and then to the left. How many jumps will you make in 15 seconds? So much you get points.

What is your age?

3. This exercise is given 30 seconds. Take a meter towel, roll it into a roll.
Sit on the floor, pull your legs, do not bend your knees. Hold the towel in your outstretched arms, lift it over your head, and then lower your feet to the floor. Elbows are not bent. Hands do not touch the floor. For each slope and return 1 point is awarded.

4. Lie on the floor under the cabinet foot, hands behind his head. Lift torso off the floor, bend forward and touch your elbows knees. Time exercise for 15 seconds. For every tilt and return to the starting position you get 1 point.

5. Sit on the floor, extend your legs. Use your fingers to grab the left leg in front of you lies a handkerchief and at the knee move it over the right leg. As another leg. How many times will be able to do it in 15 seconds, so get points.

6. Lie on your stomach, resting his feet on the floor. On the floor, spread out a towel. One leg, bent at the knee, in front of a towel, the other right behind him. In this position to quickly change the position of the legs, being careful not to touch the towels. Time 30 seconds per jump -2 points.

7. Sit on the floor, place your hands on the floor behind him, legs lift, knees bent. Before you lies a towel, and you lower the straight leg to the right, then the left side. Time 30 seconds for each move 1 point.

We calculate results.

60-80 points. You feel it does not matter, do not look brilliant, it is necessary to be better. You should start to do exercises regularly, often to walk and engage suitable for you sports.

80-90 points. Almost everything is fine, but not every exercise was given easy, is not it? See, so you can lose the form unnoticed!

90-100 points. The result is good, your appearance corresponds to the age. And you do not want to look younger? Maybe blame the extra weight? In this case, get rid of it by means of physical education.

100-120 points. The result is excellent. You look 10 years younger than his age. Congratulations!

120-140 points. WELL DONE! Did you exercise consistently?

It is unlikely that many of you, dear readers, gain the desired 100 points:

you are not used to such a load, it is hard for you. And if so, do not delay, get down to business. Take, finally, their health and physical condition.


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