Useful tips bath.

Useful tips bath.

Useful tips bath.

Some tips for bath use.

Useful tips bath. You can like or dislike a bath, but it is no use denying will not. The main thing is to know that you can not do in the bath:

Take alcohol, though he was pleasantly brightens a male partner. The load on the heart increases many times. Pleasure becomes extreme, and often ends with a heart attack.

Drink cold drinks, because they slow down the sweating. It is best to choose a warm tea.

Useful tips bath.

Liberally snack, because bath blood moves away from internal organs
to the skin, and the need to reverse to digest food.
And the room is not in joy and heaviness in the stomach will not leave you.

Attend a bath if you feel it does not matter. Especially if the ailment accompanied by fever. Failure to do so can result in serious complications.

Physically overloaded. And this applies especially to sex — the load on the heart is too high. We need to know in the bath to relax and enjoy.

Sharply loading your body in the bath, if you are a beginner, or after a long break. It is not necessary to compete in endurance, better more often and longer rest between calls.

Sitting on the bottom, the coldest bench to stay in the sauna longer — good enough, and to harm nearby.

Overdoing with pouring water on the stones. From this, the air in the sauna room becomes heavy and hot. The optimum amount of one portion — 100-200 ml. Water thus should not be cold.

Soak a broom in boiling water — most of the leaves will be on the floor.

Sit on the top shelf, his legs dangling down, and holding his head on the ceiling. Difference head-foot temperature in this case can be up to 30 degrees, and yet more heat is required feet. If possible, it is recommended to take a horizontal position.

Useful tips bath.

with soap and water before you visit the steam room. Fat-free soap skin does not tolerate heat and burns more easily exposed.

limited only by contrasting procedures often trying to go to the steam room. Rest periods must exceed the residence time in the steam room at least twice.

doused in a bath of warm water instead of cold (though it will not be ice, but the cold should be). That, combined with contrasting procedures baths becomes visit useful and enjoyable.

Useful tips bath

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