Ulcer cure brine.

Ulcer cure brine.

Ulcer cure brine.

Treatment for stomach ulcers.

Ulcer cure brine. In our family, all treats grandmother. She herself out of the village, and there before the tablets do not really trust.
That ulcer father grandmother cured without drugs, and even surgery because the doctors suggested.

We are all waiting for her to cook some old dope. And she already began to drink cabbage and drink her father’s pickle. We did not eat as much cabbage as she did.

Therefore, the brine was enough for the treatment of my father.He drank it a lot. One — two cups 3-4 times a day.

Need to drink somewhere an hour before meals. Just a day, five — six glasses. Because of this, dad had to abide by and nutrition. He took pickle on the clock and ate it.

Ulcer cure brine.

We support the whole family of the father, the mother, however, did not believe it. But a month later, when my father went to the doctor — there was no ulcer.

Dad told the doctor about the treatment with cabbage pickle. The doctor was not even surprised. But he said that the remedy helped, because papa’s acidity in the stomach is low. And with increased — it will become worse.

So, if you decide to treat the ulcers with brine, find out what your acidity is. And how not to harm yourself. There are very different hyperacidity recipes.


Ulcer cure brine.


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