Treatment with lotion fungus.

Treatment with lotion fungus.

Treatment with lotion fungus.

1) Squeeze the juice of Indian onion. Tampons are moistened and applied to the interdigital fungus for seven nights.

2) In Iodinol, a cotton pad is moistened, after which they are passed through the affected areas twice a day. The term of treatment is five days.

3) Dermatomycosis is treated with cranberry or viburnum juice, moistening cotton pads in it and performing lotions twice a day until the visible symptoms disappear.

4) Epidermophytosis is treated with lotions from the infusion of 50 g of flaxseed, oak bark, string and yarrow (in equal parts). Steamed in a glass of boiling water and incubated for 1 hour. Moistened gauze process the affected area three times.

5) One art. l chopped clematis plants are steamed with 0.5 l of boiling water and left for 1 hour. Filter and use to treat fungal sites infected with the fungus. Perform lotions twice a day.

6) Mix 30 g of sage and 40 g of burdock. Pour two glasses of white wine and boil a quarter of an hour. Squeeze. The composition is impregnated with cotton swabs, which then produce a double treatment of the affected skin in the groin.

7) According to 1 tbsp. l St. John’s wort, willow and birch leaves are mixed. Steamed with a liter of boiling water. Bring to a boil and simmer over low heat for fifteen minutes. Cool and squeeze. The skin with the fungus is treated twice, wetting the gauze napkins in the composition.

Treatment with lotion fungus.

8) With dandruff occurring at the time of the defeat of the scalp, freshly squeezed onion juice is used. It should be actively rubbed into the skin twice a day, leaving it for a short time, after warming the head with cellophane. Ten sessions are enough.
The recipe should not be used if there is a need to lead an active social life. Odor from the head will come at least three days.

9) With otomycosis, the use of lotions with hydrogen peroxide is indicated. The procedure is repeated four times, each time rinsing the ear with clean water after. Helps overcome itching.

10) The auditory passages are treated with apple cider vinegar, wetting the ear sticks in it. In a few days, inflammation and itching pass.

11) From dandruff and from itching, observed with lesions of the scalp, the following composition helps: 1 tsp. garlic juice, the same amount of olive oil and lemon juice. In a mixed medicine, gauze is moistened, which is then passed over the head. Top cover with a towel. Wash your hair after two hours, then rinse with vinegar water (two large spoons per liter). After the fourth procedure, the skin condition improves.

12) If a lesion is detected under the armpits, a remedy is prepared from infusion of chamomile and soda. Two liters of liquid accounts for 1 tbsp. l loose component. The composition is moistened with gauze dressings, which wipe the affected areas several times a day.

13) Juice squeezed from the leaves of a two-year-old aloe is impregnated with gauze. Wet itchy anal opening. Repeat as often as possible.

14) Proponents of alternative medicine recommend treating the skin with urine. Best of all is the nursery. Before use, it is slightly warmed up. Gauze soaked in urine is applied to the skin affected by the fungus, including the male genital organ, for a short time. Sessions are repeated three times.

Treatment with lotion fungus.
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