Treatment of stroke.

Treatment of stroke.

Treatment of stroke.

Stroke, as at home, recover from a stroke.

Treatment of stroke by the bees.

In the treatment of stroke, podmor (corpse bees) is used as a stabilizing agent. This natural remedy cleanses the blood, stabilizes blood vessels, helps the body make up for the defenses and restore functions.
This folk remedy for the treatment of stroke from the bee humor is prepared on a water basis.

The recipe for the preparation of the medicine is simple:

Pour in an enamel saucepan 3 liters of water. Pour out there 1 tbsp. Dead bees (it is better to take spring zamor, but you can use the fall).

Put on fire, bring to a boil. Boil for half an hour on a small fire.
After cooling, strain, put in the refrigerator.

Take 1 time per day for 100 g (before taking 4 hours not to eat). The scheme of reception is: 10 days to drink, 10 days break. Take until the forces are completely restored (5 to 6 bottles — to whom it helps).

Then it is desirable to drink once a quarter 1 bottle — for prevention. Before the beginning of recovery treatment, it is advisable to consult the doctor in charge.

Healing Stains after Stroke.

One of the most frequent effects of the disease is paralysis. Healing rubbers will help at home to restore the mobility of paralyzed parts of the body.

Pour 100 g of lilac flowers 1 liter of kerosene, infuse for a week. Rub into the spine, joints, muscles. In 10 days, the affected limbs will acquire sensitivity. Continue until the motor ability is fully restored.

You need to fill a glass jar with dry flowers of a white acacia. On a finger above the level of flowers fill the jar with alcohol. Put in a dark place (periodically shake). Two weeks later strain. In case of paralysis, wipe the affected parts of the body with this infusion 2 — 3 times a day.

Pour 50 g of dry herbs of thyme with alcohol (or strong vodka), insist 2 weeks. Rinse the paralyzed parts of the body with the tincture obtained.

Several times a day, rub in a paralyzed limb mixture of alcohol and vegetable oil (ratio 1: 2).

In 200 ml of vegetable oil add 30 g of bay leaf. 2 months insist in warmth, daily shaking. Then strain, bring to a boil. Every day, rub oil into paralyzed places.

Baths after a stroke.

Medicinal baths, as well as rubbers, help the fastest rehabilitation after illness.

When paralyzes make a bath with a decoction of roots and hips. The course of treatment is 20 to 30 procedures (done every other day) with a water temperature of 37-38 degrees.

Useful for the stroke of a bath of sage. First poured cold water, then hot, then a decoction of sage (for 10 liters of water 300 g of grass).
A positive effect to restore when paralysis after a stroke, give honey baths.

Fill the container with water (the temperature does not exceed 38 degrees), add 3 tbsp. Spoons of natural honey. The duration of the procedure is 25 — 30 minutes. Then you need to lie down for at least 1 hour, so it is better to take it before bed. Course — 10 procedures.

Stroke is not a verdict. Now you know how to recover from a stroke and using folk remedies, you can completely improve your health at home.

Remember — after acute disturbance of cerebral circulation, you should be very careful — unacceptably mental overwork, nervous stress. Quit smoking forever.


treatment of stroke



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