Treatment of pharyngitis.

Treatment of pharyngitis.

Treatment of pharyngitis.

Treatment of pharyngitis. Pharyngitis is understood as inflammation of the pharyngeal mucosa, which is acute or chronic. The clinical picture is represented by discomfort, perspiration and sore throat, aching pain in the ears and dry tearing cough. Refusal of treatment may result in complications. These include a pharyngeal abscess, tracheitis, laryngitis, chronic bronchitis and acute articular rheumatism. In 70% of cases, pharyngitis is a consequence of SARS, but sometimes it is provoked by yeast and bacteria.

According to etiological factors, acute pharyngitis is divided into viral, fungal, bacterial, allergic, lateral, traumatic and caused by exposure to irritating agents. The chronic form of the disease is classified according to the nature of the changes occurring in the mucosa: catarrhal or simple, atrophic (subatrophic), hypertrophic. Classical symptoms include sore throat, dry cough, and enlarged cervical lymph nodes.

Official medicine knows many ways to treat pharyngitis in children and adults. Adherents of alternative medicine believe that effective treatment of pharyngitis at home is possible using folk recipes.

Treatment of pharyngitis. Baths.

Traditional healers consider foot baths to be one of the most effective methods of alleviating the condition with pharyngitis. In the process of treatment, improvised means are used. The average duration of one session is 15 minutes.
If the body temperature is elevated at least a few degrees, it is worth giving up the baths.

  1. Cut one lemon into slices and gently crush to separate juice. Add to a bowl of hot water and let it brew for a couple of hours. Before the procedure, the infusion is heated. Lower the legs into a bowl. Repeat every night. The course of treatment cannot last less than a week.
  2. The recipe helps with the first signs of the disease. Prepare a decoction of needles or chamomile (half a glass of raw materials per two liters of water). Pour into a basin with hot water and begin the session. Treatment continues until the discomfort disappears.
  3. In a basin of water at a temperature of 39 degrees add 5 drops of fir oil and lower your legs into it. Repeat every evening for a week.
  4. Two tablespoons of mustard powder is added to 3-4 liters of hot water, mixed. Feet are placed in a basin with a healing fluid at a temperature of 39 degrees. Repeat twice a day for a week.
    Mustard baths can be harmful if there are wounds on the skin of the feet.
Treatment of pharyngitis.
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