Treatment of liver cirrhosis.

Treatment of liver cirrhosis.

Treatment of liver cirrhosis.

Traditional medicine is an alternative to traditional methods. At times, this is the most effective way to heal an ailment. With the help of folk recipes, you can quickly lose weight or cleanse the intestines. Professional doctors, using «gifts of nature» also successfully treat liver cirrhosis.

This chronic progressive disease is characterized by damage and death of liver cells, which are subsequently gradually replaced by connective tissue, which disrupts the structure and functioning of this organ.

The cause of the disease can be: various infectious diseases, in particular, viral hepatitis; excessive intoxication, especially with alcoholism, etc.

Manifested by cirrhosis of the liver with pain in the right hypochondrium, nausea, lack of appetite, general weakness.


In order to cure this disease, it is necessary to prepare a mixture of 10 leaves of stinging nettle, add 20 g of wild rose berries and 20 g of wheatgrass root.

The resulting composition, a tablespoon, thoroughly grind and mix with a glass of water. After that, all this must be boiled for 15 minutes, and then let it brew for 10 minutes, then strain.
Application: drink one glass twice a day until the symptoms of the disease disappear.

Treatment regimen for liver cirrhosis.

There is also another treatment regimen for liver cirrhosis. For the first month, take a decoction of celandine herb in a ratio of 1: 100, two tablespoons three times a day before meals.

The second month, 10 days, take a tincture of elecampane root (40 g per 1 liter of water), 120 g each. three times a day before meals.

During the third month, it is necessary to take an infusion of celandine herb with a tincture of dandelion rhizomes according to a method similar to that in the first month.

In addition, you can use such a popular method of treating liver cirrhosis. Collect buckthorn bark, curly thistle grass, St. John’s wort and yarrow, as well as caraway seeds, in the same proportion. Heat one glass of water to a boil and pour a tablespoon of this mixture into it, let the broth brew, and then strain. Take in three doses within one day.

Studying and independently applying any medical science, be it dermatology or trichology, you need to remember that following the recipe is the key to success. But in case of any complications, you should immediately go to the hospital to see a specialist.

Treatment of liver cirrhosis.

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