Treatment of cholecystitis with folk remedies.

Treatment of cholecystitis with folk remedies.

Treatment of cholecystitis with folk remedies.

Treatment of cholecystitis with horseradish.

Treatment of cholecystitis with folk remedies. The composition for combating cholecystitis is quite simple. It is necessary to mix four glasses of hot water with grated horseradish roots (in the amount of 1 cup).

Then, the resulting mixture should be poured into any dish made of enamel and kept for twenty-four hours.

The ready solution should be placed in the refrigerator. Before taking it, it is necessary to strain the infusion and warm it up.

Further, it is recommended to take it with sugar for flavor, fifty grams before meals (fifteen minutes) three times during the day.

Receiving this composition will allow you to forget about the limitations of food, regardless of who takes it. Such can be people of advanced age.

Infusion can also drink people who are experiencing biliary dyskinesia.

Horseradish acts as a tool that has the properties of strengthening the activity of both the intestines and those pathways that are responsible for the withdrawal of bile, all this has a beneficial effect in cholecystitis and dyskinesia.

In connection with the above, we can talk about the timely withdrawal of bile, which in principle reduces the risk of any infection of the pathways.

Horseradish as a plant has a number of useful properties, such as strengthening the diuretic qualities of the body and disinfecting.

Treatment of cholecystitis with juices

It is required to take half a liter each of fresh juice of red beets, aloe (but only not younger than three years), carrots, black radish, with the addition of half a liter of honey and vodka.

Then you should pour the resulting composition into a three-liter jar, pre-mixed and closed with a capron lid, wrap it in a plastic bag and bury in the ground for two weeks.

In this case, be sure to do it so that the whole jar was completely in the ground or was buried at least up to the lid.

After the specified time, it is necessary to take out the obtained mixture, and then put it in a cool place, so that the light does not fall (for convenience, you can pour this solution into bottles), and then take one tablespoon before a meal for half an hour.

This will release stagnant bile during defecation, which will have the appearance of slimy ribbons. It is necessary to take the whole composition during the whole course of treatment. Alcohol, fatty, spicy and fried food should not be in her diet.

Treatment of cholecystitis with folk remedies.

Treatment of chronic cholecystitis with herbs

One woman constantly complained about her liver. She thought that it was caused by overeating, and then as a result of motor activity and loads there were pains. But that was not the case.

When she went to the doctor, she discovered that the pains on her right side that were bothering her so much were nothing more than acalculous cholecystitis. The disease turned out to be chronic.

Usually she got it from wrong diet and a lot of unhealthy food in the diet. She started treatment but there was no result, there were no changes in her condition, and the pains continued.

Then she read about a folk remedy for cholecystitis based on plants, although it required a longer treatment than in the case of pills. It is necessary to mix one part of the herb celandine, two parts of peppermint leaves, four parts of the roots of the dandelion, two parts of common linseed, two parts of common tansy flowers and four rhizomes of the cinquefoil, then pour the resulting solution with hot water (at the rate of one tablespoon per glass) and let stand for thirty minutes.

Then the infusion should be strained through a strainer. Drink the resulting composition should be before a meal, namely twenty minutes before it, 3 times a day. The amount of the collection should be a quarter to a third of a cup.

The course of treatment should last twenty-one days, and it should be repeated every six months or a year.

As a result of the reception, the woman has forgotten about the pains and the need to visit the doctor has disappeared, but it is necessary to observe a certain diet. It is necessary to observe that there is no stagnation of bile.

A good way in this case would be to brew and drink tea from the stigma of corn.

You can drink it whenever you want, and the principle of brewing it is the same as for any other tea.

Treatment of cholecystitis with folk remedies.

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