Traditional methods for thrush.

Traditional methods for thrush.

Traditional methods for thrush.

Adepts of alternative medicine consider effective the treatment of candidiasis in adults of both sexes through well-known improvised products. Some recipes are suitable for children. They are aimed at relieving the main symptoms of infection.


For the treatment of thrush before childbirth, aloe juice is suitable. It is extracted from pre-frozen leaves by grinding in a meat grinder and further pressing. After the juice is diluted in a ratio of one to one with clean water.

In the resulting composition, a piece of gauze is moistened, which is rolled up with a tube and inserted into the vagina. Douching and washing can be performed with a similar solution.

Treatment with aloe can be performed in women with menstruation (it is shown to lubricate the labia) and in girls. The method is also recommended for men. In their case, undiluted juice of aloe leaves is applied to the glans penis or foreskin three times a day.

Aloe juice can be used orally — a tablespoon three times a day until recovery.

Tar soap

The product, consisting of birch tar and soap, is considered a powerful antiseptic that helps in relieving inflammation and is able to fight parasites. It is recommended that women wash with such soap and treat the penis for men twice a day. After three days, there should be no trace of the disease, even if it is presented in a chronic form.


Some supporters of non-traditional treatment of thrush urge to deal with the problem in children with the help of the usual «green». Having dipped a cotton swab in it, the parents lubricate the child’s tongue and palate. Repeat twice a day.
Treatment of such a plan is unacceptable. Otherwise, you may get burned and even poisoned!

Cedar oil

Treatment with cedar oil is carried out in the form of oral administration — a tablespoon twice a day on an empty stomach. Helps to overcome the symptoms of thrush in both sexes and strengthen the body.

Raspberry honey

The method using a special tool is able to cure thrush in babies in just 1 day. Equally combine fresh honey and freshly squeezed raspberry juice. The resulting composition is sent to a slow fire and tormented, stirring constantly. As soon as it starts to boil, remove from heat for a few seconds.

Then they return to the fire again. This is repeated up to four times. Allow the raspberry honey to cool. Used to treat the oral cavity with thrush in newborns and older children. It helps especially well if the fungus «settled» on the tongue.

Traditional methods for thrush.

Oregano oil

In addition to using oregano oil to lubricate the walls of the vagina and douching, it is recommended to take it orally. To do this, dissolve only three drops in a glass of water. They drink a folk remedy, dividing the dose in half.

Treatment continues for up to a week, after which the dosage of oil is increased to six drops per glass of water. The new course is seven days.

Flax oil

Linseed oil for oral use should be prepared at home, as this increases its effectiveness in terms of its effect on the infectious agent. Seeds in the amount of half a glass are ground in a coffee grinder.

The resulting mass is transferred to a cotton bag and compressed. The oil will drain (a glass is placed in advance). Take natural flaxseed oil half a dessert spoon three times a day on an empty stomach. It can also be used for salad dressing and cooking.

Carrot juice

Freshly squeezed carrot juice is considered an effective remedy in the fight against thrush in children, men and women. The first juice is used to wipe the oral cavity, the second can be taken orally (a cup a day, diluted with a little water), and the third can douche in the evenings.

Traditional methods for thrush.
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