Total body cleanse.

Total body cleanse.

Cleaning joints with rice. Total body cleanse.

Another method of purifying the body of salts is successfully applied. Total body cleanseIt turns out that the boiled rice helps pull out of our connective tissue (ligaments, joints, etc.), everything that was deposited there. Makes this fabric inelastic. As a rule, after this procedure, flexibility increases.

Soak one glass of rice at night. Some recommend to soak for about three days, so he better «pulled» the salt. In the morning, pour out the water. Add two glasses of water. Cook until ready until the water is gone.

Rice porridge then clean well from mucus. When soaked for three days, this is the way to get the mucus to wash away. Divide into four parts, i.e.

Take at the appointed time. To drink broth of a dogrose one glass. The next day you need to eat 500 g of boiled beets or 500 g of apples.

Before each reception of rice for 20 minutes to drink half a glass of water.

As a result, you lose one kilogram of weight. Pay attention to the urine, what color it will be. The two above-mentioned cleansers are especially helpful in spurs on the legs.

Day after 3-4 repeat. Then again and again until a satisfactory result is obtained.

It is not recommended several days to do this procedure. I know cases when she was excessively addicted, doing for a month in a row. They brought themselves to a recumbent state, debilitating their bodies.

Total body cleanse. Cleansing the body with the absorption of vegetable oil.

The original method of purification and treatment of the organism. A method borrowed from ancient sources. Suggested the bacteriologist P. Kachuk

The essence of his method is as follows. We have three pairs of salivary glands: parotid, sublingual and submandibular. One of the functions of the salivary glands is the release of metabolic products from the blood. In itself, saliva has an alkaline reaction.

In the section on nutrition you will find out what is excreted from the body with saliva. The amount of blood flowing through the salivary glands during sucking or chewing. It increases 3-4 times. There is a kind of run of all the blood through this «filter» and its purification.

Total body cleanse.

Vegetable oil is in this purification by an adsorbent. He connects all that is unnecessary and harmful to the body.
Method of cleaning: vegetable oil (preferably sunflower or peanut) in an amount not more than one tablespoon. The oil is concentrated in front of the mouth.

The oil sucks like candy. You can not swallow butter. The sucking procedure is done very easily, freely, without tension, lasting 15-20 minutes.

The oil first becomes dense, then liquid as water. After which it should be spit. The liquid should be white as milk. If the liquid is yellow, the sucking process is not completed. Spilled liquid is infected and must be sent to the bathroom.

Total body cleanse.

This procedure should be done once a day. Better on an empty stomach. It is possible in the evening before a dream.
During sucking, the body is freed from harmful microbes, toxins, acidity, gas exchange is intensified, metabolism is activated and metabolism is established.

It should be noted that there may be temporary complications when using this method. Especially in people with many diseases. This is the result of relaxing the foci of the disease.

The question of how many times you can apply this procedure. The person takes it himself based on his own health. Acute illnesses are treated easily and quickly, within two weeks.

Treatment of chronic diseases can last a longer time.
This method of cleaning appeals to me also because our language is a mirror of health. Plaque in the language can tell you a lot.

Total body cleanse.

Yogis have a special purification of the tongue. The tongue is smeared with melted butter. With the help of the milking movements of the index, middle and big fingers, a cleaning is made.

Those who were hungry know that the language is the first to report the presence of dirt in the body. Mouth and tongue are the upper paths of purification. Our body generally tries as much as possible to throw out sewage through the top — the lungs. With the sucking of oil, all this purification occurs naturally.

There are many other purges and among them the most powerful and natural is starvation, but this is a separate conversation.


Total body cleanse.

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