Tinctures in the treatment of arrhythmia.

Tinctures in the treatment of arrhythmia.

Tinctures in the treatment of arrhythmia.

In the treatment of arrhythmias, alcohol tinctures have one of the first roles. The duration of the course depends on the severity of symptoms and individual tolerance.10 grams of dried hawthorn fruit is poured with 100 milliliters of 40% alcohol or vodka. Insist about 2 weeks, then filter. Take 10 drops of tincture, previously diluted in a cup of water, three times a day before meals. The recipe is good for enhancing coronary circulation and eliminating tachycardia. In some cases, tincture helps lower blood pressure.

For pain in the heart and a strong heartbeat, tincture of large-flowered magnolia is recommended. For 100 g of fresh and pre-chopped leaves, 0.5 l of alcohol 40% is needed. A week insist in a dark place. The filtered product is taken three times before meals, in the amount of 10 drops. Pre-diluted in water.
All parts of the large-flowered magnolia are poisonous. The use of the described tincture can provoke weakness, nausea and other unpleasant sensations.

Take 25 g of the crane and the same amount of bog. Pour 0.5 liters of alcohol 40%. In a dark place they defend for several weeks, periodically shaking the vessel. The strained composition is taken in 20 drops, repeating three times a day.

To 300 ml of vodka add 60 grams of pine tops, preferably fresh. One and a half weeks insist on the sun. Use three times a day before meals, 20 drops. The recipe is especially recommended for sinus pathology.

The tincture of the European zyuznik treats arrhythmia well. For cooking, take vodka, mixing with raw materials in a ratio of one to five. In a dark place they defend at least eight days. The dose is selected depending on the severity of the pathological condition — from three to twenty drops three times a day.

Tinctures in the treatment of arrhythmia.

Apply tincture of lily of the valley, which is especially good for angina pectoris. Fresh flowers are poured into a glass jar (2/3) and filled with 90% alcohol. Two weeks are kept in a place hidden from the sun. Strained tincture is used 15 drops three times a day. Previously, the drops are dissolved in a small amount of water.

When tachycardia is treated with tincture of Belozero. 25 grams of chopped herbs in dry form are mixed with 500 ml of vodka and insisted for two weeks. The vessel is periodically shaken. Drink 30 drops four times a day.

In the treatment of sinus form use tincture of elecampane. For 450 ml of vodka or 40% alcohol, 100 grams of grass are taken. Insist in a dark place for at least several weeks. Use after a meal in a teaspoon.

Tachycardia is treated with tincture of white willow. 100 g of inflorescences are poured into 500 ml of vodka. The month is kept in a dry place, occasionally shaking. After straining, take 30 drops before meals, diluting with water a little. The course is a month.

With angina helps tincture of walnuts. Take 100 grams of partitions, mix with 200 ml of vodka and incubated for two weeks. 20 drops are taken once a day, washed down with water.
It should not be forgotten that traditional medicine, which is based on leaves and partitions of walnut, is toxic. Uncontrolled intake and overdose is dangerous. With increased blood coagulability, tincture is also undesirable.

Tincture of propolis is especially recommended for the treatment of arrhythmias. Cooking it is better at home. Thirty grams of beekeeping product is ground on a grater, combined with alcohol 96%. For two weeks, insist in a dark place, periodically shaking the vessel. Take three times a day before meals, previously dissolving in a spoon of water.
Before taking propolis in any form, you should make sure that there is no allergy to beekeeping products.

The following folk remedy helps against systolic pathology: the head of garlic is peeled, ground and poured with 100 ml of vodka. It is kept in a dark place for a week, then filtered and mixed with propolis tincture (10 ml) and a spoon of fresh honey. Use three times a day for five drops, diluting in water. The course should not exceed two weeks.

Alcohol tincture of eucalyptus, consumed in 60 drops daily (divided into three doses), resists headaches and insomnia. Prepare it as follows: five tbsp. l raw materials are poured with a liter of vodka. Ten days are kept in a tightly closed jar, occasionally shaking. Filter before use. The course of treatment should not exceed three weeks.

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