The English diet.

The English diet.

The English diet.

What is the essence of the English diet? Is it purely health-improving or is it aimed at losing weight?

The essence of the so-called English seven-day diet is to give a week’s rest to the body, overloaded with calories and fatty foods.

It is extremely beneficial to human health and promotes a mild, gradual elimination of excess weight.

This diet gets its name from the fact that it was developed by British nutritionists, who recommend doing a discharge week at least once every 1.5-2 months.

On the first day of such a diet, you must completely give up food, consuming only liquids. And ideally it should be pure water — at least 2-4 liters a day.

On the second and third day you should limit your daily ration to 1 liter of milk or kefir, 1 glass of tomato juice and two slices of rye bread.

The fourth and fifth days are for protein foods.

For breakfast — coffee with milk, a slice of rye bread with a thin layer of butter and 1 tsp of honey. For lunch — half a plate of meat broth, a piece of boiled meat, lean chicken or fish. For afternoon snack — 1 glass of milk or tea with honey. For dinner — a piece of boiled lean meat or fish, or 2 eggs.

On the sixth and seventh day you should eat only fruits and vegetables. For breakfast — two apples. For lunch, vegetarian soup with vegetables. For afternoon snacks, eat only fruit, preferably citrus fruits. For dinner, a light vegetable or fruit salad, possibly with one slice of rye bread.

Water for health.

I drink melted water regularly since I learned from an acquaintance that this water has extraordinary, amazing properties, prolongs youth, slows down the aging process, gets rid of headaches, hypertension and even obesity.

Over the years, as I drink melt water, I have never once doubted its benefits, its excellent qualities.

It is easy to prepare it, pouring cold tap water into an ordinary pot and putting it in the freezer.

You just need to know that all the harmful impurities in water freeze last, so the water starts freezing from the walls of the pan to the center.

Thus, the water that has not had time to freeze in the center of the pot should be drained, and if the water does freeze, pay attention to the whitish column in the center.

It is advisable to melt it with a stream of warm water, leaving the edges of the pot with transparent ice, which is the raw material for the melted water.

I would add that before freezing you can add mineral water, such as «Borjomi» or «Narzan», based on preference or medical conditions.

Do not use snow or street ice for melt water production, such water will only do harm because of pollution.

I advise you to try melting water and feel all its healing properties.

The English diet.


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