That’s legs!

That's legs!

That’s legs! Good to envy!

Beauty tips for legs.  

That’s legs! What helps to look after them, nurture them, grooming?

Let us open a little secret: there are many diligent assistants, and they all They fit in a small purse. Here and nail clippers, nail file and a comfortable contour, which facilitates the removal of the skin on the fingertips and in between. And small stanochek, and to him — a special blade (by the way, there is always the opportunity to buy them replaced).

If, God forbid, there will be on his feet corns and calluses, blade ready to remove their chips in the literal sense of the word. Open summer shoes require perfect type of legs — from the heels to the little finger. Therefore, a thorough daily care.

Excellent fatigue, swelling of the legs Gymnastics ( «bicycle», a circular motion feet) and baths.

When the coarsened skin. That’s legs!

• Onion paste, applied to the 20 minutes, helps to soften rough skin on the soles of the feet.

• To smooth the heel steel, use terochkoy. Chapped skin perfectly soften soda bath, and after it — again terochka!

With feet, fungal diseases successfully fight with onions. The stop lubricates onion juice every day. Do not forget to wait until it dries. The towel does not get wet.

You can get rid of the sweating of your feet. Daily wipe them with lemon juice or sleeping tea.

Because of uncomfortable shoes, blood flow is disturbed. This leads to increased sweating. Due to mechanical friction wet from the sweat of the skin on the shoes are corns.


• Salt bath improves blood circulation and facilitate the further care of it.

• If your feet sweat, make a nightly hot bath with chamomile. Six tablespoons of flowers pour 2 liters of boiling water. Insist for about an hour.

• From abrasions and cracks on the feet makes a tray of ordinary starch. Dissolve 2 tbsp. spoons starch in 1 liter of hot water and lower legs 10 minutes.

• When swelling is very effective, the bath is very effective from the leaves of mountain ash, calendula and sage. Take 1 tbsp. a spoonful of each herb. Pour 3 glasses of water. Infuse for 10 minutes. 1 glass of this infusion is poured into 1 liter of water.

• Tiredness remove the mint infusion tray. Pour two tablespoons of dry mint into 1 liter of boiling water. Insist half an hour. Then put your feet on the infusion for 20 minutes.

• Relieve tension by helping to pour cold water — from the bucket, bucket, hose. But not from the shower.
First, throw the left foot, then to the right, the left foot from the hip down, and then to the right. After you pour your feet, do not rub your feet. Walk for 15 minutes, preferably on the ground.

From cracks.

• From the cracks on the soles and heels nightly rub ointment carrot: 1 medium carrot grate, add 0.5 liters of vegetable oil. Infuse for 10 days in a dark place. Strain.

• Small cracks can be cured with the help of tomatoes: wipe your feet after each slice of washing the feet. With deep formations make compresses of tomato juice for 15-20 minutes for a month.

When blisters.

• Pulp from aloe leaves attach to the corns, the skin around the grease with Vaseline, on top of the patch stick or tie a bandage. A day later remove the bandage, and carefully scrape off the softened callus with a pumice stone. Then lubricate the foot cream.

• Quickly heals cracks and calluses of fresh cabbage leaves. Scald the sheet with boiling water. Cut the sheet with a knife in different directions. Put on the affected area. Secure the bandage. Leave for 5-6 hours.

Luck — is not just a finishing touch. It can protect the nails from the bundle and make them more durable. Beautiful pedicure is a must groomed legs!


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