Tea mushroom.

Tea mushroom.

Tea mushroom.

When will Kombucha?

Tea mushroom. Many have heard about Kombucha, but not everyone knows when to use it:

Cuts, sores, bruises, mastitis, skin damage is not afraid, if you moisten the infusion of tea fungus bintik, attach to the sore spot, put cellophane and secure with a bandage. The pain quickly subsided, the swelling subsides, the wounds quickly tightened.

If you have inflamed eyes, dilute one-day infusion of boiled water 1: 1 and wash them. Remove inflammation, stress and fatigue.

When sweating hands or feet do daily baths with the infusion of tea fungus. So you get rid of sweating and kill the fungus that causes it.

Chronic fatigue, stress, encountered a man in modern life at every turn, experience and neural stress depletes even the most healthy person. Prepare a nutritious mixture of half a cup of honey and 3 tbsp. spoons of infusion of tea fungus. All mix and eat for 2 hours. Spoon the mixture before going to bed. This means soothe nerves, relieve stress, relieve insomnia.

Tea mushroom.

Burns put enough flaking Kombucha — inflammation and redness from burns rapidly. Usually, if a burn is not very deep, healing takes place, leaving no trace on the skin.

When insomnia as efficiently help another drug.
Take half a cup of water, and infusion of tea fungus, 2 h. Spoon of honey.
All mix thoroughly and drink before bedtime.

The weakening of memory — multiple sclerosis, severe stress, overwork, emotional strain. If you regularly drink a glass a day of tea kvass with honey in mealtime, then not only improve memory, but also the speed of the reaction efficiency.

Kombucha is a symbiosis of various bacteria and yeast that has arisen in vivo. Kombucha was so popular among residents of various nationalities that mention of it can be found in almost every culture. This is not surprising, because in addition to a pleasant taste and a number of useful properties, the culture liquid of Kombucha is a powerful antibiotic.

Tea mushroom

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