Tatyana Ustinova and her diet.

Tatyana Ustinova and her diet.

Tatyana Ustinova and her diet.

Tatyana Ustinova and her diet. Popular writer Tatyana Ustinova has been famous for her detective novels for many years.

Recently, however, her diet has also become very popular, with the help of which Tatyana has lost almost 90 kg.

It’s hard to imagine, but a few years ago, with a height of 180 cm, Tatyana Ustinova weighed almost 200 kg. Since the writer never aspired to model parameters and could afford not to count calories and eat at night, excess weight did not bother her for many years.

Tatyana began to think about losing weight only after health problems appeared.

Tatiana’s chosen method of losing weight was based on simple food available to everyone. Its essence consisted in observing the principles of proper nutrition and reducing the usual calorie intake.

Tatiana Ustinova’s weight loss and diet rules.

Exclude fatty and high-calorie dishes, sweets, smoked meats, baked goods from the menu.

Replace high-calorie foods with similar, but low-calorie foods (for example, mayonnaise with natural yogurt or low-fat sour cream).

Eat in small portions, and at least 5 times a day.

One meal should include only one dish (for example, either soup or salad, together — not allowed).

The basis of the diet should be made from plant-based foods, low-fat dairy products and diet meats and fish.

You can steam, boil or stew food.
The last meal is no later than 18:00.

These nutritional principles helped Tatyana Ustinova for 3 years to smoothly reduce weight by almost 90 kg, without causing harm to her health.

Nutritionists approve of this method, since the diet of the Ustinova diet menu is balanced, provides the body with all the necessary vitamins and elements.

And supplementing the diet with physical activity will help speed up weight loss and give you a boost of energy.

Tatyana Ustinova and her diet.

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