Tangerines clean joints.

Tangerines clean joints.

Tangerines clean joints.

Tangerines clean joints. Want to return to its former elasticity of joints and relieve them of salt?
Eat every day tangerines! But be sure to eat them together with white mesh, which contains a large number of glycosides, strengthens blood vessels — since the first joints affected in violation of them in circulation. In order to carry out cleaning of salt every day, eat 5-6 ripe mandarins, but do not throw away the peel, and dried.

If you have a summer cottage, then you probably left dry leaves of currant. It was too tasty tea with them.

So, take a few crusts. Grind them into powder. A teaspoon of dry crusts add 3-4 leaf currants. Pour 1 cup boiling water. Insist 30 minutes.
Drink the finished drink half an hour before meals 3 times a day. Each time you need to brew a new one. That is, the daily norm of tangerine tea is 600 ml.

For 3 months — yes, it’s not so fast! — You can regain the mobility of the joints. At the same time, saturate your body with vitamins. And get great pleasure from this drink and tangerines.

Joints need applications.

One was a serious problem — a very sore feet, arthritis absolutely tortured me. But on this council, I found a sore, a neighbor advised me to kerosene-soap applications.

They not only reduce the pain, inflammation and removed.
I did so applications: soft cloth moistened with pure kerosene and squeezed. The fabric should be damp, but kerosene from it must not drain.
One of the sides of the fabric soaping soap until a shiny layer of soap.

Applying the cloth on the affected joint with the side that no soap. Soap layer contributes to the fact that the overlaying of the applicator to the affected area kerosene evaporates and absorbed by the skin.

On top of it all covered with oilcloth and tied a warm scarf. Stay with kerosene-soap applique need at least half an hour, but if you can tolerate, lie at least 3:00. The main thing is to feel only a slight burning and heat. To permanently get rid of the pain, you need to perform 5 such procedures with a break from 1 to 4 days depending on the condition of the skin after the previous procedure.

I made application through the day, and the effect of  It was very long.



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