Tampons from fibroids.

Tampons from fibroids.

Tampons from fibroids.

Through therapeutic swabs, which are installed for a couple of hours or the whole night, it is possible to quickly overcome the symptoms of the disease and stop the growth of the tumor. The course continues for at least a week.

Tampons from fibroids.

Often, propolis is used in the treatment of the disease. In propolis oil (20 g of propolis, 20 g of butter and 60 ml of vegetable oil), a tampon made at home from a sterile bandage is moistened. Enter into the vagina when formed on the cervix at night. The number of procedures is ten.

Calendula helps to heal quickly. 15 g of plant color is added to a glass of boiling water. After infusion, the raw materials are pressed for an hour and the swab is moistened in the finished infusion. Introduced into the vagina with cervical myoma for one hour. The required number of sessions per day is three.

Aloe leaf is frozen. The next day, turn into slurry by grinding in a meat grinder. Mix with a spoon of fresh honey and two grams of propolis. For forty minutes, a swab soaked in medicinal mass is inserted into the vagina. Perform manipulations in the morning and evening for eight days. It helps when multiple pathology is diagnosed.

Nodular fibroids treatable with onions. One head is grated. The resulting slurry is wrapped in a section of a sterile bow and inserted into the vagina for forty minutes. Once a day is enough. Ten days later, the disease begins to recede.
Using pure onions has a negative effect on the vaginal mucosa. Itching and burning occur.

Five large spoons of goose fat are melted in a water bath and combined with one part of calendula. On low heat they warm up for half an hour. Filter and apply the mixture on a swab. The procedure is performed for ten days. After a similar break, the course is resumed.

Nodular fibroids are eliminated by using fish oil. A cotton pad is placed in a folk remedy. Squeeze and wrap a layer of bandage. Again dipped in fish oil. The finished swab is introduced into the vagina for three hours.

To cure the disease without surgery, tampons with mummies are recommended. In a glass of water, dissolve a few tablespoons of mummy. A swab is lowered into the composition, which after two hours is placed in the vagina as deep as possible.

Tampons from fibroids.

  1. Kerosene swabs help slow down tumor growth. Enter the vagina for five minutes, performing the procedure twice a day for a week.
    Kerosene swabs, which in itself is a dangerous substance, can be harmful in erosion.
  2. Equally mixed natural honey, sea buckthorn and St. John’s wort oil, burdock root juice. In the finished composition, the swab is moistened. Introduced into the vagina at night.
  3. To 400 ml of boiling water add fifty grams of crushed incense root. When the infusion has cooled, the raw materials are pressed. In the finished composition, a cotton swab is moistened, which is inserted into the vagina for a couple of hours in the evening. Helps to cope with a running pathology.
  4. In equal shares combine natural honey, olive oil and tar. The composition is moistened with a cotton swab. They are placed in the vagina at night.
  5. In the treatment of a subserous tumor, swabs with chamomile oil help. It is recommended to cook at home: dried flowers with olive oil are combined in a proportion of one to ten, insist ten days in a dark place. Strained oil is used to wet home-made tampons, which are then injected into the vagina overnight for fifteen days.
  6. Another recipe for eliminating subserous fibroids involves the use of hemophilus oil, which should also be prepared at home. For this, half a liter of vegetable oil is poured into 100 g of crushed plant root. For two weeks, the composition is kept away from the sun and filtered. The course of treatment with tampons with hemophilus oil is ten sessions.
  7. One of the remedies called effective for large fibroids is herbal oil. It is also used for tampons. Prepared from taken in equal parts of the root of the iris, wormwood, the color of chamomile, clover and elecampane root. 50 g of the collection is filled with half a liter of vegetable oil and insisted for three weeks away from direct sunlight. After filtration is applied. Tampons are placed overnight for ten days in a row.
  8. Juice is squeezed out of fresh nettle leaves. The resulting cake is wrapped in gauze, moistened in juice and placed for three hours in the vagina. Spend up to two procedures per day.
  9. Cocoa butter is mixed with powder obtained by grinding comfrey root in a ratio of four to one. A cotton swab is moistened in bulk. Sessions are repeated three times a day, each time leaving a tampon for two hours.
Tampons from fibroids.
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