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What diet to choose?

What diet to choose

What diet to choose?  Diet Doctor Bircham-Binner. Lose Weight correctly! There are many popular diets that promote rapid weight loss. What diet to choose? But they tend to break in the body’s metabolism. That’s why after a short period of weight loss it increases again. And most importantly, that in this case the person has poor […]

Lose Weight correctly!

Lose Weight correctly

Lose Weight correctly! Violation of fat metabolism continues to grow and cover almost a third of the population of our country. Lose Weight correctly! And this is — a disease of disease, as «pulls» it for an early atherosclerosis, greatly increases the risk of developing diabetes, liver disease and heart and, eventually, reduce the life of […]

Chinese diet.

Chinese diet.

Chinese diet. As you know, the Chinese diet is designed for 3 weeks. During this time you will need strict adherence to the diet. Chinese diet. The most difficult first week. You constantly have to deal with hunger. If you adhere to such strict dietary restrictions, then by the end of the week it will be […]