Tachycardia is now in the past.

Treatment for tachycardia.

Some time ago began to notice that there are times when the heart starts pounding, well literally jumps out of my chest.

All this is causing me considerable concern and I reversible familiarize your doctor. Has made the cardiogram, daily monitoring of the heart — nothing serious was found.

But the problem remained! Then he passed blood tests to check the thyroid gland — and everything is normal. The doctor sent to a neurologist — say, heart palpitations can occur when sudden mood swings, sadness and depression. I was assigned a sedative and a drug that slows down palpitations. But the treatment of «chemistry» I really do not suit! So I decided to make a treatment program to bring the heart rate back to normal.


First and foremost, give up bad habits: alcohol, drinks with a high content of caffeine (strong coffee, tea, cola) and chocolate. Then he began taking the drug with potassium — deficiency of this mineral in the body can also contribute to heart palpitations. On my desk bananas began to appear more often, baked potato, avocado, fresh vegetables, milk and orange juice.

Meditate — they help the body to cope with stressful situations and strong emotional experiences.

Recorded at the pool, it was the 3 times a week to swim for 45 minutes, walk more, in the country — cycling. Whenever possible, do a mini-gym with moves his arms and legs, walking the dog, practice slow jogging.

Effective assistance rendered recipes of traditional medicine.

For example, the infusion of dry lemon balm (1 tbsp. Spoon in a glass of water, leave for 15 minutes) 3-4 times a day.

Successful mixture was based on knotweed, forest horsetail and hawthorn (ratio 3: 2: 1). The resulting mixture in an amount of 1 h. Spoon pour a glass of boiling water, leave for 40 minutes, strain and drink 1/3 cup 4 times a day.

Mix pharmacy propolis tincture and Hawthorn 1: 1, drink 25 drops, diluted in a glass of water half an hour before meals 3 times a day.

Treatment for tachycardia.

I will teach you how to quickly remove the attack of tachycardia by stimulating certain parts of the nervous system.

1. Take a deep breath and hold it. In this state, with a closed nose and mouth to try to breathe, that is to push.
2. Gently press on the eyeballs as possible to keep a few minutes.
3. Massage the special points — on the back of his hand the joint of the thumb and index finger (a kind of angle under the skin formed by the bones of the hand).
4. closeness pads of the thumb and the little finger of his left hand. Use your fingernail to press the thumb under the nail of the little finger to mild pain.
5. Pressing on the point for a few seconds, or until you feel a light massage the pain point above the upper lip (located approximately in the middle of the central groove).
Of course, to heart calmed down, I needed more than one week, but the result was worth it! Pulse is normal, heartbeat steady. I am healthy!


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