Stroke symptoms are the first signs.

What are the first harbingers of stroke? What should be done to prevent this terrible disease? How to help stroke patients?

To prevent a stroke — in our power.

Cerebrovascular insufficiency, vascular brain lesions result in reduced memory and attention — cognitive (cognitive) function, deterioration in speech self-service, the action of the hands or feet, as well as reduce physical endurance and mental performance. Such disorders can be mild, moderate and severe.

Mild cognitive impairment is a man not particularly feel in everyday life, they are only subjectively understood them and cause a vague anxiety. In moderate severity of these disorders can be detected not only in the examination, the psychologist, neurologist, but they are visible and others in everyday life. Severe cognitive impairment lead to dementia.

It is at the stage of mild to moderate cognitive impairment person can actively participate in the restoration of his health. At these stages can be carried out undifferentiated treatment using ascorbic acid and rutin to strengthen the vascular wall (or foods rich in these vitamins, such as red and black chokeberry), use herbs, blood thinning and improve cerebral circulation. This therapy has an impact on all parts of ischemic lesions of the central nervous system.

And further. In our body every cell is programmed not only to life but to death. Some drugs inhibit the pre-programmed cell death. These drugs are inexhaustible type (nootropic, vasoactive) a beneficial effect on cognition and volitional qualities of personality.

Recently, for such drugs appeared even the term smart drugs (smart drugs) — they have minimal side effects and unwanted low toxicity. These drugs, for example, include piracetam, nootropics, Lutset. They treat cognitive disorders: improve memory, attention, speech. Sometimes at high mental stress, these drugs can make healthy people.

Precursors of stroke.

It dizziness, headaches, noise in my head (it is in the head, not in the ears), and the noise is pulsating in nature, recalls the flow of water. Also, the first harbingers of stroke is loss of memory, concentration, fatigue and decreased performance and increased irritability and poor sleep — these symptoms are talking about a total of cerebral vascular insufficiency. If there are several of these symptoms at the same time, there is definitely a need to see a doctor and undergo treatment prescribed medications.

Also, you should alert the numbness of the tongue or lip angle (in the absence of herpes sores). If numbness or a feeling of the body, like cotton, occurs on one side of the body (affected or right, or the left half), it speaks of violations of the central nervous system and is the basis for immediate treatment to the neurologist.

General prevention.

Since the stroke — mnogofaktorialnoe, ie pluricausal, disease, any one drug will not cure the disease and were not warned.
If you have a risk of getting a stroke (heredity, poor environmental conditions, work in extreme conditions), then the first thing is to think, this is your way of life: food, sleep and wakefulness, reasonable alternation of work and leisure. It is a healthy way of life can become a leading measure of prevention of stroke.

We must strive to bring your life to a natural, biological rhythm, as the human body for thousands of years adapted to this rhythm.
I must say that the social changes a person adjust more easily than to a breakdown of the programmed millennia mechanisms, rhythms of life of our bodies.

It is extremely important not to shoot down the rhythm of day and night. If you have to work the night shift, after working it is necessary to give your body a rest, but do not start immediately to solve any problem.

The results of two experiments. One of them was carried out on volunteers: they were given the night load, after which there followed the rest. This led to seizures, even in healthy people. Another experiment dealt with hypokinesia or inactivity.

Cadets of military schools on an experimental basis during the week were in the bed, and even the food they brought to bed. As a result of such a lifestyle they have developed dizziness, shakiness and appeared unsteady gait.

Thus, a sedentary lifestyle increases the likelihood of cerebral circulation and its acute form — stroke.

As for the food, even if small cerebral circulatory disorders should eat easily digestible food (puree, heat-treated), so that the body spends less energy for its digestion.

Recovering from a stroke.

Previously, this was a medical theory that does not follow stroke patients to lie on the affected side, and today many families adhere to such tactics. Now, however, it proved that the patient should be rotated from time to time in bed. In this case, getting better breathing and reduces the tendency to stagnation, as it is the prevention of stone formation in the kidneys and liver, improves urination and bowel movements. But lying on the affected side should be short — no more than 5-10 minutes at a time.

For patient convenience, under the affected limb can enclose rollers, pads — this will help avoid congestion, besides the patient can then move itself ailing arm or leg. However, you first need to consult a neurologist or a specialist physical therapy, because each stroke patients should be an individual approach.

It is important to correctly approach the physiotherapist. You should first prepare the patient psychologically, and not give him the command from the doorway.

Try to make a gentle massage of the muscles healthy first, and only then the patient limb. The fact is that in the unaffected limb sensations in the patient begins feel what sensations have to be patient limb. Then start to develop the patient’s joints using movements up and down, bend, straighten, present-allot and poluvraschatelnyh movements.

It must be remembered that when a relative starts to work with the affected limb, the patient experiences pain. Therefore, approximately one hour before this class let it analgesics and drugs that reduce abnormal muscle tone of the affected limb, for example, Mydocalmum or baclofen.

Furthermore, it is expedient to use occupation still warming up and ointments, for example, Fastum gel fenolgonom and viprosalom or other ointments containing bee or snake venom.

Developing patient leg start from the toes, to further develop the ankle, knee and hip. When designing joints affected arm, follow this sequence: the fingers, wrist, elbow, and then the shoulder joints.

An important condition — the involvement of active attention of the patient in the healing process. You have to go from passive to active movement, because your task — to teach the patient to independently carry out the necessary exercises for him.

Remember that recovery from stroke comes gradually. We must daily seek new results and improve movement skills.

The recovery period after a stroke can be applied and physiotherapy, as they improve blood circulation in the affected limb, but should not replace physical therapy exercises.

What kind of physical therapy can be used in the home?

Dry heat heating pads and heated in canvas bags of salt or millet. Apply them briefly, for about 5 minutes, and the patient should cause pleasant sensations. Assist mud and paraffin baths. Undesirable water treatments, such as baths, since they may cause additional swelling, particularly in the acute period.

Are precursors of stroke, which occur almost as stroke, but in a few hours this condition passes. This is due to vascular spasm.
After such attacks should not be complacent and need to carry out prevention using nicotinic acid.
Its take one tablet three times a day for three weeks, followed by 2 one tablet twice a day for two weeks.

First aid for stroke?

If the stroke occurs as a result of ischemic blockage or spasm of the blood vessels, then it gets worse, the person feels weakness and numbness, he drops the nasolabial fold, begins thickly. Stroke resulting from bursting in the brain (hemorrhagic), is characterized by severe headache, confusion, talk of such a patient is not clear.

In any case, it is not necessary to escalate the situation, one should try to calm the patient. If the stroke developed against the background of hypertensive crisis, it is necessary to put a chill on his head, to give medication to reduce the pressure.

In an ischemic stroke in the first place ensure peace and good air access: lay sick in bed, keep his posture was comfortable, but the clothes were free, not shackled, he does not hesitate to it. Prepare the patient for the physician survey — unbutton shirt, etc. Ventilate the room and give the patient, if possible, drugs that improve cerebral blood flow (cinnarizine and trental, there are other possible combinations of drugs), as well as cardiac drugs that improve heart rate (if the patient takes them normally).

Tell the doctor had arrived, some comorbidities that threaten life (hypertension, myocardial infarction, pneumonia, renal failure), are available for a loved one — it will help to put a more accurate diagnosis at an early stage of the disease.
If you are offered a hospitalized stroke patients, then in any case should not be abandoned hospital.

To prevent a stroke

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