Simple recipes for asthma.

Simple recipes for asthma.

Simple recipes for asthma.

Alternative medicine for asthma.

Mix 20 g of coniferous pollen and a similar amount of butter, add a glass of fresh honey and the same amount of walnuts. Pass through a meat grinder. They eat five grams before meals three times a day.

Hot pasta

To 500 ml of fresh honey add 100 g of butter, seventy grams of chopped horseradish and garlic. Mix thoroughly and send to the refrigerator. The paste is used for two months, taking 1 tbsp. l before meals.
Hydrogen peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide helps to alleviate the patient’s condition — thirty drops every morning added to a cup of water. Children should not be treated in this way.


An effective method of treating the disease is hirudotherapy. The application of leeches helps to reduce the accumulation of sputum in the bronchi, alleviate the symptoms of allergic and cardiac asthma. Sessions are required to conduct a specialist. Leeches are used exclusively medical.

Propolis oil

Propolis oil, prepared at home, is considered to be highly effective in the treatment of bronchial and cardiac asthma. 5 grams of propolis is placed in 100 ml of extra virgin olive oil. In a water bath they languish for 30 minutes. Filter. The finished product is stored in the refrigerator. Use twice a day for 1 tsp. If the child is not allergic to bee products, the recipe can also be used.

Simple recipes for asthma. Vegetable juice.

In equal amounts mix the juice of carrots, chicory and celery. Drink per day for 1 tbsp. Can be divided into several servings.

Salt lamp

Therapy in halochambers (artificial salt caves) helps to improve sputum discharge, reduce the likelihood of new inflammation, restore the immune system and improve the microflora of the respiratory system. After a couple of sessions, many patients note getting rid of a runny nose and cough, normalizing sleep.
If it is not possible to visit the halochamber, you can limit yourself to a home salt lamp, which in the operating mode emits negative ions. They are responsible for the purification of indoor air. The device must be of high quality. It means:
not have cracks and chips;
have stable components;
correspond to the area of ​​the room (a lamp up to three kilograms is shown for an area of ​​15 square meters).

Bee stings

Adherents of non-traditional practices recommend long courses of bee stings as one of the most effective treatments. For all the time, one hundred or more bees are used. An increase in the concentration of poison should occur gradually. One procedure (at the initial stage) involves the laying of five bees.


Allergic asthma is treated with urine. During the week, it is recommended to take it exclusively and water, that is, adhere to a kind of therapeutic fasting.


If the condition is accompanied by vomiting, the following folk remedy is prepared: a bunch of white hellebore is stuck in the radish, left for a day. Later, the hellebore is extracted, and the radish is eaten.
The recipe is not suitable for people with severe cardiovascular pathologies.


Celandine juice helps treat shortness of breath in heart disease. Start with one drop, gradually increasing to thirty. After the number of drops goes in the reverse order. In winter, when it is impossible to get fresh juice, they use dry grass. Dining room brew 230 ml of boiling water. Drink during the day.

Simple recipes for asthma.
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