Shitovidnaya iron (Thyroid).

Shitovidnaya iron.

Shitovidnaya iron (Thyroid).

Medicinal plants for thyroid.

In all diseases of the thyroid gland in the body begin all sorts of failures, suffer other organs and systems, and we can not do alone medication. Shitovidnaya iron (Thyroid).

Collection of Thyroid Disease.

! As to any recipe coming addictive 1-1.5 months application, it is necessary to alternate the different formulations — is the best option.

It will help every cell white bloodroot.

This plant treats diffuse and multinodular goiter grade 1-4, adenoma and hyperplasia of the thyroid gland. Also used as a regulator of the level of thyroid hormones. Preparations of her roots help to normalize organ function at the cellular level, and this allows it to recover its function and work as it should.

You can drink the infusion or tincture of Potentilla white. Treatment is carried out monthly courses, between them should be done weekly breaks, until complete recovery. In the treatment of children reduced by half the dose of Potentilla.

The drink of apple cider vinegar.

In a glass of boiled water add 2 h. Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, 1 drop of alcohol tincture of iodine and 1 h. Spoon of honey. Stir and drink in small sips during lunch. Take 2 times a week for a month. Then take a break for a month and repeat the treatment.

Apply as hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. However, the frequency of the medication is best to discuss with your doctor, as there may be variations.

Juices for thyroid.

The juice of mountain ash. Useful for Graves’ disease. Take 1 tbsp. spoon — 1/4 cup for 20-30 minutes before meals 3 times a day.

! Not recommended for increased blood clotting, including the coronary artery disease, heart attack and stroke, as well as increased acidity of gastric juice.

Cucumber juice. Apply with thyrotoxicosis. Drink it in 1/4 cup 2-3 times a day, you can with honey.

parsley juice. It stimulates the thyroid gland. Drink 2-3 Art. spoons of honey 3 times a day before meals. Parsley juice — one of the most potent, so it can take no more than 50-60 ml a day, preferably with other juices.

! Carefully use in liver disease.

Shitovidnaya iron (Thyroid).

Beet juice. Recommend for many diseases of the thyroid gland, but especially in the presence of seals. Drink 100 ml before meals 3 times daily. Start standing with the lower doses used to the stomach. To prepare the juice immediately before use, because when nitrates are available for 1-2 hours outside the refrigerator extracts are transformed into highly toxic nitrite!

! Not recommended for patients with diabetes because of the high sugar content, as well as oxaluria and phosphaturia.

Juice of dandelion. Due to the high iodine content in the juice is used in treatment of thyroid diseases. Drink 1 / 2-1 glass honey 3 times a day.

Juice squeeze in May or June of the leaves and roots. The leaves are soaked in cold salt water for 30 minutes, the roots are boiled in salted water 8 minutes, then cut leaves and roots was ground in a meat grinder or grater. The ground mass squeeze through cheesecloth under pressure. The juice is filtered, filled into jars and stored in a refrigerator for a day.

Shitovidnaya iron


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