Healthy lifestyle, health and longevity.

The highest human lifespan, known today — 140 years. But more often this term twice (or even more) shorter. SECRETS OF LONGEVITY. So what affects the length of our stay on earth?
How to live long?

• You are lucky if you have good genes. And your grandparents lived for more than 80 years. And even luckier, if your parents have reached the same age.

• Obesity — also a gift from our ancestors. Just one gene to all subsequent generations have given up hope to be slim. That’s just the gift that hardly anyone will appreciate. Overweight eats two years of your life. Fight kilograms — fight for life!

• It is necessary to protect the nerves. If you are angry — beat the dishes or drink 30-40 g of alcohol. This will add you to three years. But if you drink a lot, you lose 8 years.

• Do not smoke. If smokes two packs of cigarettes a day, cross off 12 years of your life.

• Have sex once or twice a week. Sex will extend your life by two years.

• Sleep 7-8 hours a day, you can no longer — will lose two years.

But diet — harmful. If you get up from the table with a slight feeling of hunger, add yourself a year of life.


• Exercise regularly. Exercising three times a week will add three years of life.

• Those with a family can easily add one year of life. But a lone man must erase from his life of 9 years, and an unmarried woman — 4 years.

• Do not lose your friends! Alternatively, you can complain to the vest, will give you a year of life.



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