Secrets of Aphrodite.

Secrets of Aphrodite.

Secrets of Aphrodite. This amazing birch tar.

Secrets of Aphrodite. Birch tar has been known since ancient times as a good tool for the treatment of many diseases. It is completely natural, a natural drug that is made from the top, the light of the bark had just felled trees or live young. However, it turned out to be an effective birch tar and cosmetology. It is used to treat acne, dandruff, hair loss, dry skin, or, conversely, when it is excess fat and other problems. Secrets of Aphrodite.

 Tar soap. Secrets of Aphrodite.

200 grams of baby soap without fragrances and grate, add 1 tbsp. a spoonful of water, heated in a water bath to form a sticky mass. Then pour 1 tbsp. a spoonful of tar and carefully mix. Remove from heat, cool to 40 ° C, pour into the prepared container and leave to harden (usually within a week). Apply for washing the face and body, as well as masks.

Treatment for skin mask.

From acne. 

Grate 1 tbsp. spoon of tar soap, diluted with warm water until thick weight and put on clean face for 15 minutes. Then rinse with warm water.
Apply no more than 2 times a week.

From acne. Secrets of Aphrodite.

Med tar and mixed in a ratio of 3: 1 (dry skin can add one teaspoon of olive oil.). Mask applied to skin with a thin layer, 20 minutes wash
water at room temperature.


Stir for 1 h. Spoon of birch tar, shea butter and cream. Apply to clean, dry skin wash after 15 minutes of warm water. The procedure is repeated up to 2 times a week.

Nutritious. Secrets of Aphrodite.

Mix 1 yolk, 1 hr. Spoon castor oil, almond oil, honey, 1.5 hours. Spoon 10 drops of vodka and birch tar. Apply on clean, dry skin
face for 20 minutes, rinse with warm water.

Prescription creams and lotions.

When applying the cream that you use every day to moisturize skin or food or the body, add the drop of birch tar in its purest form.
After basic cleansing process of its preparation lotion:
50 ml of alcohol (95%) mixed with 1 h. Spoon birch tar, add a few drops of salicyl alcohol. Apply every day.

Get rid of corns. 

Birch tar mixed with vodka or glycerol in a ratio of 1: 1. The resulting mass strike on the strip folded in several layers of bandage and apply to corn, fix it and put on socks. Morning clean corn from the softened parts, rinse with water and wipe dry. The procedure is carried out every night as long as corn is not completely disappear.

Hair masks. 

At higher fat, dandruff, itchy scalp.
1 tbsp. spoon of tar diluted in 2 tbsp. spoons of castor oil. To this mixture was added 100 ml of alcohol and mix. The mask is applied with massaging movements on the hair roots. Leave for 3 hours, wash with shampoo.

From dandruff. Secrets of Aphrodite.

1 tbsp. tar spoon dissolved in 2 tbsp. spoons castor oil, add 100 ml of alcohol. Mixture rub massaged into the scalp. Leave for 2-3 hours, wash off with shampoo.

Secrets of Aphrodite. This amazing birch tar.



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