Russian bathhouse.

Russian bathhouse.

Russian bathhouse.

What could be better?

… Man, duhovitym birch or oak broom!

Russian bathhouse. For a long time it was a room the start and finish point of human life — is the midwife took it to the light of God in the light of a torch, here was accomplished the last rite of the washing of the deceased. Our ancestors believed: if hard was ill even bath did not help, there is nothing and never again be able to help!

What is the use of a bath?

Science explains the benefits to the health of the Russian banya. Striped high-temperature steam with various cooling procedures (shower, pool, ice hole) has a beneficial effect on many systems of the human body. This is a nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory system.

A very small amount of hot water was spilled on very hot stove stones. The air in the sauna was heated to 60-90 ° C. Humidity is about 90%. An intense sweat begins. The organism leaves various harmful toxins and wastes (sodium salt, lactic acid, chloride, urea and many other end-products of a metabolism, toxic for our organism). Relax your muscles. Leave the load on the kidneys better by eliminating various congestion. The bath improves general health, helps alleviate gout, sciatica, sciatica, neuritis and many other diseases.

As a medicine, this will certainly be useful for patients. With such diseases as tonsillitis, laryngitis, chronic bronchitis and pneumonia, radiculitis, osteochondrosis, obesity.

There is even a method of treating cancer in the early stages of hot air in the bath. High temperatures are deadly for cancer cells. Therapy removes asthma. Bronchial tubes expand, relax the muscles of the respiratory system. Recession of disease.

Well, the women’s bath completely replaces face care. Because after the sauna is a kind of peeling. The dead upper skin cells leave, and it will become more supple and soft.

Russian bathhouse.
It is proved that the environment is absolutely barren in the steam room. It kills all bacteria and microbes.

How to go to the bath? Russian bathhouse.

Steam — the procedure and potent as any drug, the dosage required.

The best time to hike in the bath — the morning as in the evening the body is tired, it is much more difficult to withstand the heat in the form.

The total duration of the visit bath — about 2 hours.

Do not partes more than 5-7 minutes, otherwise you can get heat stroke. Its symptoms: weakness, dizziness, shortness of breath, can be excited. Immediately exit in cool place — after 15 minutes the temperature of the body is restored.

Wear a hat to the steam room, preferably wool or felt. Do not use rubber and plastic caps — in the bath under the influence of temperature tours they will give off toxic substances.

Between the calls in a steam room take breaks to 20 minutes.

Be sure to eat in the steam room enough liquid (juice, infusions, broths, kvass, mineral water, tea — warm or at room temperature, but not cold).

When the bath banned.

Bath — this is definitely a very useful exercise, but even she has a Contraindications. If you feel sick, give up the campaign in the bath. Malaise may be the first sign of a serious disease, and a significant exercise in the steam room will aggravate the situation.

Russian bathhouse.

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