Pyelonephritis treatment.

Pyelonephritis treatment.

Pyelonephritis treatment.

Pyelonephritis treatment. For a long time me the question interested, whether there is any effective way of the help at a pyelonephritis — an inflammation of kidneys?

And that’s what I managed to find out, and in time to check on the experience .
So, as soon as the exacerbation of the illness approaches, the temperature rises, and it will be zaznobit — eat cranberries.
Eat 1-2 handfuls and go to bed.

In the morning wake up as if nothing had happened and understand what cranberries are for the kidneys. It is eaten at night, it has a beneficial effect.

Especially when pregnancy often inflames inflammatory diseases of the kidneys, and the drugs are contraindicated, that’s where the cranberry comes to the rescue.

Pyelonephritis treatment.

By the way, I can still advise the hearts of coffee from dandelions.
Wash and dry the roots of dandelions, cut into small mugs and brown in a frying pan in vegetable oil.

Pass through the coffee grinder. Boil this powder 10 minutes from the calculation of a teaspoon per glass. Strain and drink — very useful and tasty enough


Pyelonephritis treatment.


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