Protein diet

Protein diet

Protein diet. Cause of senility and an early age.

Protein diet. Everyone in the body control the enzymes.
Food gives us strength, energize, shape our bodies — from the color to the face shape.

The food — it’s building materials and medicine, and poison. All our lives depend on the food we eat, and how right she was chosen as healthy are our heart, blood vessels, brain tissue and other vital organs tomorrow, next month, next year, 10 years.

Protein diet.

Many of us only know that our food should consist of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and there are also enzymes, acids and more. They make our energy supply base. And as the lack and excess of any of them violate that balance and may even be hazardous to health. In short, the question here is not less than the answers.

In addition, our diet should be balanced, it still should not contain food hazards. And their now abound — refined products, food additives, hydrogenated oils, various kinds of stabilizers, preservatives, fillers, flavors, dyes, substitutes and crude voda.segodnya eat right

Proteins are valuable essential acids.

Energy supply base consists of proteins, saturated and unsaturated fats and carbohydrates. The excess of any of them (as well as a lack of) health hazard. They, too, need to consume a certain amount.

Proteins — the basic building material of an organism, necessary for the formation of new muscle fibers, restoring injured and replacement of dead tissue in all organs.

Moreover, all the enzymes, i.e. regulators of chemical processes in the body, are also proteins. Large protein molecules are composed of smaller sized amino acids within the protein which are interconnected as links in a chain.

Part of the amino acids can be ingested with the food from the outside only; these amino acids are called essential. Other amino acids are interchangeable because they are formed in the body due to internal processes.

Protein diet.

Therefore, the usefulness of protein products is largely determined by their content of essential amino acids. Rich protein sources: white meat chicken and turkey, liver and meat calves, fish and fish products, cheese, egg protein.

Vegetable protein products usually do not contain all the essential amino acids, nevertheless it has vegetable protein nutritional value due to presence in it of essential amino acids. A large amount of protein found in the leaves allium, parsley, watercress, horseradish.

Organic acids contained in fruits in large quantities, cause their sour taste (sorrel, borage, lettuce salad). Many vegetables predominate citric and malic acids, but there is also oxalic, and tartaric.
Organic acids are actively involved in metabolism, stimulate the activity of the salivary glands.

Most healing is not a single plant some substance, but a combination of substances. In cases where plant food predominates in human diet (e.g., vegetarians), it has to be artificially enriched in essential amino acids in the form of special supplements.

Important note about the quality of protein products.
Any methods for the conservation of protein products (especially meat) reduce the nutritional value of the product.

Repeated freezing and thawing, the addition of preservatives, etc. destroy the natural structure of fragile protein molecules.

! Nutritional value of frozen meat at least 40% lower compared with the same unfrozen product.

In principle, it is necessary to strive for natural products (such as fresh meat, fresh fish, eggs, white meat poultry). And too intensive processing of such products (for example, a strong frying or long digestion). Also reduces the nutritional value of protein.

For example, a 100-gram piece of beef tenderloin cooked «blood» It would be more valuable in terms of nutrition, rather than 300 g of the same digested meat.

Protein diet

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