Products that reduce appetite.

Products that reduce appetite.

Products that reduce appetite.

Fastest way to lose weight.

Hunger is a normal reaction that requires energy replenishment. However, he is wrong is not uncommon in our time gourmet food. Permanent desire is not always a real need. But the tamed untimely hunger is realistic. You only need to know how it is.

For a feeling of satiety, the hormone leptin responds. It was discovered not long ago. But scientists know exactly how it works. In addition, he sends a signal to the brain «Hatit.» This is a peptide hormone. Leptin is directly related to the development of insulin. Scientists have recently discovered that a constant excess of leptin in the blood reduces susceptibility to the central nervous system. It reduces insulin production. Increases the risk of developing diabetes.

Thus, experts insist — reduces appetite, is not keen. But at the same time, he called the number of products with a different mechanism of action. This will help bring him back to normal life.

Products that reduce appetite.

1. Hard cheese, oddly enough — fat. These products help increase leptin production. As it is called, «saturation hormones.» For this and other reasons, hard cheese and fat are often not recommended in large quantities.

2. Avocado, flax seed, olives — all of these products brings together a large content of unsaturated organic acids, which are absorbed quite slowly, stimulate the production of satiety hormones, and in addition, extremely useful for cleansing the body of toxins and free radicals. Do not forget about the olive and flaxseed oil — the main source of omega-3 and omega-9.

3. Nuts and legumes — all without exception. Nuts, especially raw, reduce appetite, and for a long time. We feel full. The reason for this large amount of fat, which contribute to the production of leptin. Also legumes are also a lot of roughage. It creates a feeling of fullness in the intestines. trypsin inhibitors contribute to the enhanced development of saturation hormones. Be careful. Rough beans, peas, beans can cause severe flatulence.

4. Algae — and all, including the usual kelp. Scientists claim the abundance of iodine and roughage removes the feeling of hunger for a few hours. Worth a try.

Products that reduce appetite.

5. Water — yes, oddly enough, plain water is able to get rid of false hunger, in addition, if you drink a glass of plain water for 15-20 minutes before a meal, you will be able to eat much less.

6. Call as juicy fruits, in particular — apples, which also removed the feeling of hunger. However, with all due respect, these products often have a completely opposite effect — after the apple often want to eat even more. However, it is certainly very individual, you may help curb appetite apples.


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