Pine pollen.

Pine pollen.

Pine pollen.

Pine pollen prolongs youth, cures impotence, tuberculosis, cancer, improves immunity.

From tuberculosis.

There is a very reliable and proven remedy for tens of years for pulmonary tuberculosis (and its other forms) — this is pine pollen. In my memory, for at least 40 years, people have been recovering from the most evil forms of tuberculosis with pine pollen. What I have witnessed many times. There is very little in herbal medicine books about pine pollen. There is almost no information about the treatment of tuberculosis, which is rather strange.

But pine pollen for tuberculosis has an absolutely stunning healing effect. Tuberculosis is treated throughout the year. With a neglected form, within two years. The disease goes away irrevocably.

Treatment for tuberculosis.

The way of using pine pollen is different. Male inflorescences with pollen insist on alcohol or brew with boiling milk. Add honey, butter, eggs: this remedy is recommended for tuberculosis patients. The recipe I know is simpler, it also gives a very good effect.

A tablespoon (with a slide) of pollen is gently mixed with 1 liter of natural honey until the honey evenly turns yellow. Candied honey can be melted in a water bath at a temperature not exceeding 60 ° C.

Take 2 teaspoons of the mixture 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals or 1 hour after meals. It is advisable to take the last portion no later than 7 pm.

The course of treatment is 2 months, then you must definitely take a two-week break. And so to be treated until complete recovery. With this method, the pollen in honey will gradually float up. And you have to mix it before use.

There is no need to cancel specific, anti-tuberculosis therapy. Since the effect of drugs while taking pine pollen increases by about five times. But I had to see a complete recovery and only with the treatment with one pine pollen mixed with honey.

With a wet and dry cough

Drink pine pollen well with a decoction of herbs. If cough with phlegm, then use expectorant fees. There are good pharmacies, but you can harvest the appropriate herbs yourself.

Expectorant effect is possessed by:

marshmallow, ivy budra, initial letter, veronica;
oregano, figs (berries), meadow clover, linden (flowers), cuff;
mother-and-stepmother, lungwort, wild primrose, plantain, wheatgrass;
erythematosus, thyme, meadow rank, wild rose, white lamb.

If the cough is dry, then apply:

marshmallow, buckwheat (flowers), meadow clover, flax (seeds);
linden (flowers), lungwort, hazelnut (leaves), sunflower (petals);
chamomile, licorice, string.

Or pharmacy fees with a softening effect.

When harvesting medicinal herbs, it is advisable to take into account the phases of the moon. From new moon to full moon, herbs will be more expectorant. And after the full moon, at a loss, it is more of a calming effect.

Pine pollen.

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