Pancreas. Labrador for pancreas.

The labyrinth of elm is not bright, but weakly choleretic, so this plant can be safely used for problems with the pancreas, and in phytotherapy it is considered that this is one of the best means for its treatment.

Labaznik removes inflammation of the pancreas, normalizes its function, relieves pain. Take labaznik for the treatment of the pancreas is necessary — you can in collection with other herbs, and you can and yourself, as a monotherapy.

Usually a tea is made from a mallin: a tablespoon of chopped herbs is poured with a glass of water at room temperature in the evening and insists the night, then filter in the morning and take one third of this infusion three times a day before meals.

In grassy gatherings, the fungus knife is useful to combine with such
Herbs, like calendula flowers, birch leaves, mullein, inflorescences and linden leaves.
A tablespoon of the prepared collection pour a glass of boiling water, insist until cooling, strain — you get a dose of medicine for a day.
Reception membaznika izjalistnogo gives very good result at an inflammation of a pancreas — I shall repeat, that it is one of the best agents of the flora for treatment of many problems of a pancreas.

Pancreatic Diet: Weekly Diet


Breakfast: oatmeal, weak and unsweetened tea.
Second breakfast: steamed potato or carrot cutlets.
Lunch: mashed vegetable soup, boiled fish or chicken.
Snack: baked apples.
Dinner: steamed vegetables and meatballs.


Breakfast: steam omelet and compote.
Second breakfast: baked vegetables.
Lunch: milk soup.
Snack: cottage cheese casserole.
Dinner: mashed potatoes with boiled meat, fruit juice.


Breakfast: buckwheat porridge, unsweetened tea.
Second breakfast: a glass of kefir or nonfat yogurt without additives.
Lunch: boiled vegetables and fish, a glass of jelly.
Afternoon snack: oatmeal home-made cakes and compote.
Dinner: mashed vegetables.


Breakfast: rice porridge, tea.
Second breakfast: crackers with a rosehip broth.
Lunch: pumpkin soup with steam meat.
Snack: scrambled eggs and a glass of fruit drink.
Dinner: stewed rabbit stew.


Breakfast: semolina, compote.
Second breakfast: boiled chicken, herbal broth.
Lunch: low-fat fish soup.
Snack: baked fruit.
Dinner: boiled veal with rice.


Breakfast: cottage cheese casserole and a glass of unsweetened tea.

Lunch: fruit salad.
Lunch: steam cutlets and boiled pasta from premium flour.
Snack: crackers with natural yogurt.
Dinner: meatballs with buckwheat porridge and jelly.


Breakfast: milk soup and a glass of fruit juice.
Second breakfast: cottage cheese with milk.
Lunch: boiled meat and buckwheat soup.
Snack: jelly with crackers.
Dinner: carrot juice and fish casserole.

Such a diet not only helps reduce the load on the pancreas, but also improve the intestines, removes toxins from the body, helps to lose weight and put your body in order.

Labrador for pancreas



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