As I fought with neurodermatitis.

Six months ago I had a lot of stress. Having problems at work. Stress provoked an attack of neurodermatitis.

The neck area, in the back of the knee, elbows and pits on the palms and even unpleasant poured papular plaques of small formations. I lost my appetite. He lost weight due to low blood pressure. I feel sluggish, apathetic, quickly tired.

Occasional seizures of nervous excitability. Of course, I went to the doctor, who prescribed the ointment, medicines. Including antihistamines and drugs, to normalize the function of the central nervous system.

I had to change the diet and attitude to the problems of.

My food was now mostly dairy — vegetable. With the restriction of salt, sweets, spices, spicy and smoked products, citrus fruits, coffee, eggs, strong meat broths, etc.

Of course, all this was difficult. Because the appetite and so was bad. When, although very rare, but something was kind of tasty.

But it was forbidden. Gradually, I still retooled. I also tried to pull away from the problems. He began to learn to control his psychological state. Less nervous for anything.

They gave me the mood to establish a good dream and make time for a walk. I stopped wearing tight, very warm clothes.

Eliminated skin contact with synthetic woolen underwear. In order to avoid possible friction and pressure on the affected areas.

Helped baths and compresses.

Water procedures also had to limit, but to reduce the symptoms of neurodermatitis, except drugs prescribed by a physician, I took a warm bath with chamomile, sea salt, apple cider vinegar (1 cup to a full bath).

Well relieves irritation and flaking of the skin, local baths and packs with bran, linseed oil, lavender, and compresses with the infusion of nettle leaves and raspberries, combined 1: 1 (dabbed at 3-4 hours, 2 times a day).

Well-established blue clay.

Divorce it with warm water until creamy state and plastered affected neurodermatitis skin. It holds up to dry, then a bucket of water bred a few spoonfuls of salt, and wash off the clay, drenched with the water.

He took herbal infusions.

2 h. Tablespoons centaury grass pour 400 ml boiling water, to insist 30 minutes and take 3 times a day for 100 ml on an empty stomach.
Or skip the dried fruits of Sophora Japanese through a meat grinder, then 1 tbsp. a spoonful of minced raw pour a glass of boiled water at night. Take the form of heat to 4 times a day to receive 50 ml of food.


And finally, the recipe miraculous liquid.

In 1 liter of water pour 1 tbsp. a spoonful of rock salt and mix well.
Separately mix 100 ml of 10% ammonia and 10 ml of camphor oil and pour into brine. As a result, there are white flakes. The vessel is closed tightly with a lid and shake vigorously for as long as these same flakes are not completely lost. Then, several times a day to lubricate this solution rash.
Of course, with neurodermatitis I handled immediately, the treatment took some time, but it and the effect was long-lasting. Now I am serene.


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