Natural hormones.

Natural hormones.

Natural hormones.

Make food your medicine.

Often, women’s diseases, including breast tumors, are associated with a violation of the hormonal balance.
To normalize the hormonal processes, it is necessary to eat foods rich in phytohormones, which include cereal grains, food plants from the family of legumes (soy, peas, beans — especially saturated color, horse beans and such legumes as beans, such as mung beans and chickpeas).

In addition, phytohormones contain turmeric, tarragon and onions.

Natural hormones.

Peanuts are good for you. Eat it whenever you want. Use more seeds and nuts. Because they also contain many phytohormones. Useful seeds of sunflower and pumpkin, apple seeds, walnuts, almonds, pine nuts.

It is noted that with moderate use of flax seeds, the hormonal balance of the woman returns to normal. The greatest benefit brings ground flaxseed with kefir. Take overnight.

Clean the intestines.

Flour seed flour should be freshly ground !!! It is able to absorb and excrete toxic substances, slags.

Lowers blood cholesterol.
It has a broad antiparasitic spectrum of action. It has a detrimental effect on many types of worms, fungi, viruses.

Flax has a positive effect on the regulation of lipid metabolism.

Indications for use.

inflammation of the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract;
gastrointestinal tract, gastritis, colitis;
peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer;
diseases of the urinary tract — pyelitis, cystitis, overweight, lipid metabolism.
Effective for prophylactic daily use.

Mode of application.

Used as an ingredient for cooking with antiparasitic properties. 1 teaspoon per serving.

Cleaning the intestines.

1 week: 1 dessert spoon of coarse flax flour 100 g of yogurt or kefir

Week 2: 2 dessert spoons of coarse flax flour 100 g of yogurt, sour cream or kefir

Take this mixture instead of breakfast. Thick and small intestines are cleaned of mucus and fecal stones, parasites. At the same time intestinal microflora is fully preserved. Sour cream can be replaced with any fermented milk product.
During the cleaning period it is necessary to observe the water regime: drink water up to 2 liters per day.

natural hormones.

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