For health and beauty.

Hellebore water previously used against lice, but currently it is irrelevant, since lice almost completely disappeared. However, hellebore water is used as an effective remedy for scabies.

Externally to stimulate hair growth when hair loss 1 per day in the scalp rubbing alcohol tincture, decoction or ointment of hellebore, observing the necessary precautions (do not allow to enter hellebore preparations mucous membranes of the eyes and the respiratory trac).

Bulgarian beauticians with hair loss and baldness recommend such a procedure.
50 g of roots hellebore put into a mixture of 250 ml of water and 250 ml of alcohol (or 0.5 liters vodka), followed by heating at low temperature, uparte solution to half its original volume strain. The resulting decoction massage the hair roots 3 times a week for a month, and then — 1 times a week before washing hair.


Hellebore used vets against cutaneous parasites of animals, as well as the
emetic. If a cow or other animal choke after swallowing some unnecessary thing, the animal’s throat forcibly poured the infusion of hellebore water and then opens vomiting and removes unnecessary items.

In the fight against cancer.

I know that one woman doctor, having retired, fell ill with breast cancer. She then began to study medicinal herbs with anti-tumor properties. She collected them and treated not only herself. But people with the same diagnosis.

For treatment, she prepared the hellebore tincture. From a teaspoon of crushed plant roots to 300 ml of 70% alcohol. After a three-week infusion, the infusion took 2 drops 3-4 times daily before meals. Drink water.

In the same way, hellebore cures emaciation and fatigue, tachycardia, persistent cough.

Well-known phytotherapist Nikolai Danitsa recommends the freezer decoction for the treatment of uterine cancer.

In the fight against cancer.

To prepare the medicine, you need to take one gram of chopped root (you can use the above-ground part). 0.5 teaspoon of root pour 300 ml of boiling water. Insist until cool. Strain and make the resulting solution for douching.

• For the preparation of an ointment mix 2 tbsp. chopped roots and rhizomes hellebore with 100 g of swine visceral fat, insist 2-5 days in a warm place, filter.
This ointment is used for diseases of the joints, and as an external analgesic, and for the treatment of skin diseases.
• Tincture is prepared on a strong vodka (1: 120), insist 2 weeks, filter. The broth is made from 0.5 h. Spoon hellebore roots and rhizomes per 200 ml of boiling water
— So get hellebore water.


In case of drug overdose, the hellebore may be poisoned. This is manifested in a drop in blood pressure. As a rule, feel bad.
It is recommended that the patient have access to fresh air. Give sweet tea. In some cases — heart and sedatives: validol, Corvalol. Good to drink milk.

Cheremitsa possesses not only an emetic substance. But in general, is a strong irritant. Even in the preparation of drugs hellebore, when the air contains only its micrograms. Causes severe sneezing.

I remember one time when I was preparing the hellebore tincture. A single powder that spilled the roots of plants into a glass jar made me sneeze incessantly. I started reading and counted 25 times!

The same property, as is well known, has a celandine. That is his dry grass. When sneezing, the body is cleared of harmful bacteria through the respiratory tract. Then I made another analogy with celandine. And I realized that, like any poisonous plant, hellebore should be effective in treating cancer.







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