Moisturizing masks.

Moisturizing masks.

Moisturizing masks.

With the regular use of this recipe, the skin becomes more elastic, the complexion and the general condition of the skin improve. Reviews on the use of masks indicate that this is the best tool for skin of all ages.

Moisturizing and nourishing mask for dry skin

With sufficiently dry skin, it is recommended to use a recipe that simultaneously moisturizes them and makes them softer and silky. You can make such a mask at home with your own hands, using natural ingredients.


Fat cottage cheese — 20 gr.
Cream — 10 ml.
Honey — 10 ml.
Carrot juice — 10 ml.

Prepare the mixture and apply to the face with a special brush. Leave for half an hour, then rinse with warm water. For cooking, it is recommended to use only freshly squeezed carrot juice, which contains the maximum amount of useful components.

Moisturizing masks. Moisturizing mask for oily skin

There is a myth that oily skin does not need to be moisturized. However, in fact, she even stronger than normal skin needs proper nutrition and hydration. With a lack of moisture, acne, rashes and other problems occur. To moisturize oily and combination skin, it is best to use medicinal herbs and milk.



Scale parsley and mint with boiling water. Drain the water, and chop the herbs. Mix with warmed milk. Use this recipe for daily oily skin care.

Moisturizing mask for young skin

Different folk masks are designed for different skin types and ages. To moisturize young skin, it is recommended to use fresh fruits and vegetables.


Leaves of cabbage.

First you need to make juice from cabbage leaves. Grind fruits and berries with a blender or crush thoroughly with a fork. Add cabbage juice and heavy cream. The mask should be thick enough so that it does not drip from the face.

Recipe for moisturizing and cleansing the skin

To clean and moisturize any type of skin, you can use a natural mask based on oatmeal and almond flour. Use it at least once a week.


Oatmeal — 30 gr.
Almond flour — 10 gr.
Milk — 15 ml.

Grind oatmeal with a coffee grinder. Add warm milk and almond flour. Apply to face, avoiding eye area. Massage your face a bit to remove dead cells. Apply on pre-steamed face.

Moisturizing masks.
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