Medicine for the skin.

Medicine for the skin.

Medicine for the skin.

Medicine for the skin. Treatment of eczema folk remedies.

Whether my skin so sensitive, or with metabolism that something is not right, but for a long time suffered from eczema.
It is manifested as irritation to the powders and detergents, as a response to any experience and nervous shakes.

How to treat eczema on the hands.

Treat tried different ways: drinking and pills, ointments and creams so exhausted a whole bunch. Expensive, but the result is too short.
And one day I found out that the drug is growing on my windowsill. I have one friend advised. Some of her relatives with a similar disease faced and coped very well with it using a simple yarrow. I also decided to try.

Medicine for the skin.

Recipe remember, and at the first sign of exacerbation treated become. I cook a strong infusion of yarrow and began to soar sore spots and take the infusion of the same plants inside.

To prepare to dry yarrow, take 2 tbsp. spoons manufactured raw materials and insist on a glass of boiled water. Ingest is necessary for 1 h. Spoon 2 times a day before meals, and a poultice to do 3-4 times.

In general, I do not use more than ointments and pills, and eczema appears less and less.
I think that if further treatment is so successful, it soon will forget all about the disease.

Medicine for the skin


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