Means for enhancing lactation.

Means for enhancing lactation.

Means for enhancing lactation.

Infusion of cumin and fennel to enhance lactation.
Lactation is a natural physiological process of three phases: secretion of breast milk, its accumulation in the mammary glands and ducts, and excretion.

Mother’s milk is necessary for a baby from the first days of life: for him it plays the role of both food and drink.

Thanks to this natural product, nutritious and vitamin, the child’s immunity is strengthened, weight is gained. But sometimes the baby does not get enough of it due to decreased lactation. What are the reasons for this?

This can be a lactation crisis — a period when the mammary glands are «tuned» to more active work in order to synthesize a larger volume of milk. This is due to the fact that the child is growing rapidly and requires more food.

A lack of milk for breastfeeding can be provoked by other factors: a woman’s lactation function sometimes fails due to stress, lack of sleep, etc.

And in such situations, a nursing mother cannot do without additional efforts to normalize milk production. Among the measures to stimulate lactation is the use of herbal remedies.

Most often, cumin and fennel are recommended for women as lactogenic agents. The essential oils contained in these plants contain specific substances that activate the mammary glands.


Caraway fruit    1 tsp
Fennel fruit     1 tsp
Water    500 ml


Take the mixture of ingredients and grind it in a porcelain mortar.
Place the chopped mixture in a container and add 500 ml of boiling water.
Insist for 15 minutes.
This amount of the preparation is enough for one day of admission: the infusion is consumed 3-4 times a day.


Increased milk production.
Removal of spasms of the ducts of the mammary glands.
Elimination of colic in children.

Means for enhancing lactation.

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