Masks for various face types.

Masks for various face types.

Masks for various face types.

Mask for dry skin.

Help dry skin recover from wrinkles and when it fades, a mask of pumpkin pulp with cream can improve the metabolic processes and regulate the functioning of the sebaceous glands.

2 tbsp. spoons of ground pumpkin pulp;
1 yolk;
2 tbsp. l fat cream.
Raw pumpkin needs to be mixed with the rest of the ingredients. The composition can be applied in the eye area, because it contains a large number of vitamins, amino acids and other substances that interfere with the removal of moisture and improve the functioning of all subcutaneous cells. It is better to use such a mask from wrinkles for dry skin every other day for 1 month. You can repeat the course in a week — there will be no harm.

Masks for various face types.

Mask for oily skin.

To regulate the excessive work of the sebaceous glands and to tighten the oval of the face, while smoothing the skin, starch can be combined with lemon juice. The mask peerlessly tightens the contours.

It contains:
egg protein;
2 tbsp. l starch;
0.5 tsp juice of lemon pulp.
All components are mixed to a cream and applied for 20 minutes. The course is held regularly after 2-3 days for 1 month.

Mask for normal skin.

Wrinkles on the face with a normal type of dermis will disappear after an oatmeal mask, which will also give velvety skin and relieve inflammation.

The components of this home anti-aging product are:
2 tbsp. l cereal or flour from oat grains;
1 tsp. honey and agave juice;
The mixture is mixed and applied for half an hour daily at bedtime. In two weeks you will not recognize yourself.

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