Magic Cream.

Magic Cream.

Magic Cream.

Homemade magic cream for ages 35 to 70.
That’s what I call the homemade and magical rejuvenating cream, which I learned about 3 years ago.

Getting ahead of myself, I will say that today it seems to me that wrinkles as a phenomenon forgot about my face three years ago, when I myself started to make this cream and use it. Honestly, their number has not increased!

Anyway, believe it or not… here’s this simple recipe.

All you will need is:

100 grams of heavy cream;
one raw egg yolk;
One tablespoon of liquid honey (if you don’t have liquid honey, you have to melt candied honey in a water bath);
one teaspoon of lemon juice;
two dessert spoonfuls of good brandy.

All this is available even to us, pensioners with a small pension.

And then everything is simple: mix well all the components, and every day, or better in the evening, apply it to a clean washed face. In about an hour, rinse with warm water and then do not smear. I keep the cream in a glass jar in the refrigerator (in the door).


Every day, an hour before bedtime, apply a mixture of glycerin and vitamin E to your face. The mixture is very simple to prepare.

For 30 grams of glycerin, take 10 capsules of vitamin E. The capsules pierce with a needle and squeeze the oil into a bottle. All this can be purchased at a drugstore at a low price.

Before applying the product, you need to clean the skin of the face and make a light massage with a soft brush to make the surface slightly reddened.

In this state, the cells absorb nutrients as much as possible. There is one drawback — the skin becomes a little sticky while the glycerin is absorbed. To alleviate the discomfort, spritz your skin with a refreshing tonic.

What will it do?

Every morning, you’ll see a grateful skin response to this nourishment. Wrinkles will be smoothed out and your complexion will even out. A very effective remedy for «crows feet» in the corners of the eyes. Try it and you won’t need to comment.

Magic Cream.

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