Lose Weight in a dream: 7 new tricks.

Lose Weight in a dream: 7 new tricks.

Lose Weight in a dream: 7 new tricks.

Lose Weight in a dream: 7 new tricks. Diet for weight loss in the home menu.

Fat burning takes place in the evening or at night. This postulate is based power system Dr. Detlef PA, the author of many popular books about weight loss.

By thi s system must be fed three times a day at intervals of 5 hours. But the products are distributed so that the blood sugar levels stay balanced and saturation state does not leave you until the next meal. And for such a move Meals not gradually but at once, then the effect will be soon.

1. Do not skip breakfast.

You are a man who in the morning breakfast reluctant or do not eat breakfast at all?Do not worry. That quickly changed once you start to eat on a given system. If you’re in the evening there are only protein foods, per night your storage of carbohydrates desolate, so that in the morning you will have the appetite!

2. What’s for breakfast?

Muesli with fruit, bread with jam or chocolate-nut paste …
In the morning everything is permitted that help the brain to wake up and get the necessary dose of energy. For the most part, of course, carbohydrates, but in the morning they do not need to be afraid of: the front all day and, therefore, there is much to expend the calories.

3. It is necessary to eat.

For dinner, to be held 5 hours after lunch, you can eat proteins and carbohydrates, as at this time of the day quickly processed and then, and more. You have every right to eat to satiety, and even lie down for 15 minutes. So you support the circulation during the distribution of nutrients.

4. Protein dinner.

But for dinner, you sit for another 5 hours should be prepared only protein foods. Meat, fish, eggs or tofu — all this will allow you to be filled, it does not greatly increase the level of insulin. And as to digest protein the body needs a lot of energy in the evening and night, the body will take it from the fat stores!

5. Enough sleep.

Proper sleep duration — 7-8 hours. Perhaps you need more, but certainly no less! Try to go to bed before midnight (24 hours). The first three hours of sleep the most efficient on the part of burning calories, and better if they come in the first half of the night. It was at this time in our body produces the hormone melatonin, which promotes the breakdown of fat.

IMPORTANT! Please do not expect miracles: the «weight loss in a dream» weight falls slowly but constantly.

6. Sweet is not banned!

You try to eat only healthy food, but sometimes you want to treat yourself to a cake, ice cream or potato chips? Rejoice: it is not forbidden! But only in the morning! And not between breakfast and lunch, and right after them. In — the first was full of basic food, you will not eat a lot of hazards, and in — the second, the evening will have time to burn extra calories.

7. The more you walk.

Each day, do at least 3000 steps — a little more than 1.5 km. In order not to lose count, get a pedometer. If you want to lose weight faster, start jogging in the morning or engage with weights before dinner.
Additional advice: put the phone reminder hour sports, so they will not miss.

Lose Weight in a dream: 7 new tricks.



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