How to lose weight.

How to lose weight.

Excess weight spoils the posture.

How to lose weight.

Excess weight is a real disaster for many women. At full there are negative changes in the cardiovascular system, metabolism is broken, etc.

And most importantly, overweight contributes to the violation of posture. And this at the same time affects the good. The situation is disrupted due to lethargy, muscle disorders. Weakening of the back muscles causes stoop. Saddle, which, in turn, leads to the omission of the chest. Compresses the lungs and heart. Lower the diaphragm. And, as a result, it compresses the stomach and abdominal organs.

All this leads to a violation of breathing, blood circulation, digestion. And, which is especially unpleasant, to a change in the flexibility and elasticity of the spine.

At the same time, the chest sags and becomes loose. Both sedentary work and habit of slouching lead to sagging and weakening of the rectus abdominis muscle. This leads to a decrease in internal organs.

Note also that with proper posture, the abdominal muscles are strained. With an incorrect posture, the position of the legs changes with respect to the body.

The beauty of the body forms a way of life.

How to lose weight.

The beauty of the body depends on the state of health. It forms the right way of life. It consists of a rational diet, sufficient physical activity, complete rest. Also positive emotional background and daily hygiene.

Food should be varied, complete and balanced. Thanks to proper nutrition, a woman will have a strong body, a quick mind and perfect health.

A healthy woman is elastic, elastic, with a homogeneous pleasant skin color, clear, shining eyes, silky shiny hair.

With insufficient nutrition in the body there are changes. They primarily reflect the condition of the skin. It becomes flabby, thinned, dry. Or, conversely, oily and has an unhealthy yellowish-gray hue.

Of course, these changes can be caused not only by malnutrition, but also by a number of other factors, in particular, inadequate blood circulation, which is completely dependent on physical activity.

The beauty of the body depends on the state of health.
It forms the right way of life, which consists of rational nutrition, sufficient physical activity, a full rest, a positive emotional background and daily hygiene.


How to lose weight.

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