Liver health.

Liver health.

Pumpkin against hepatitis.

Liver health.

Pumpkin is called the «queen» of vegetables, but not everyone often «invites» her to her table. Millet porridge with pumpkin — and everything except this «masterpiece» can not remember anything. Liver health.

But after all, to ensure that the pumpkin really benefits your body, you need to eat a lot!

Liver health.

Pumpkin helps with a variety of diseases: neurosis, hypertension, gout, is good and as a diuretic. But she was a real panacea after getting jaundice. And during the illness, and after it had to keep on a strict diet. And the food had to be in crushed cooked (in water or steam), stewed or baked.

You can not fry and pass.

That’s where our family pumpkin recipes came in handy!
Especially since the pumpkin was its own. We have been cultivating this vegetable on our village plot for many years to envy our neighbors. We stock it every fall.

Liver health.

The easiest way to cook a pumpkin. Peel and peel seeds, cut into pieces and bake in the oven. Serve with creamy oil, herbs and seasonings.
You can mix pieces with pasta or make soup-mashed potatoes. Also the pumpkin is used in goulash, in baking or desserts.

Recipes with pumpkin very much. And if you are too lazy to prepare complex dishes, choose recipes easier.
For example, you can use 0.5 kg of grated pulp of a raw pumpkin or half a glass of juice from it a day. Take equal parts during the day, between meals for 3 months.

Another popular way: pour a glass of dried and chopped pumpkin seeds with a glass of olive oil.
On a water bath bring to a temperature of 60 ° C. Infuse about 2 hours. Next for a week put in a dark cool place.

Strain and consume 1 tsp 3 times a day for half an hour before meals.
That’s how the recovery came.

And at the same time, and my daughter, whom I also regaled with a pumpkin every day, got rid of anemia. Even stopped taking her iron-containing drugs.


Liver health.

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